Poetry – Gnat’s pee

Time for another blast from the past.

I wrote this in response to the glaring inequality that is producing trillionaires while some people do not have a grain of rice to feed their children.

There can be no excuse.

Gnat’s Pee


A gnat pissing in a hurricane

Would make no difference to the pouring rain

Like a stray thought through a random brain

A pinprick in a searing pain

Or a millionaire’s profit to a nation’s gain

Yet a poor man’s lack of grain is the whole world’s eternal shame


Opher 31.1.02

4 thoughts on “Poetry – Gnat’s pee

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    Here’s a nice little poem from my good friend and fellow Harpernaut Opher. His blog Opher’s World is well worth checking out

    1. Hi Ian
      Thanks for the kind words an boost for the blog – much appreciated. Glad you liked it.

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