Opher Goodwin is pleased to announce that his new Sci-fi novel – ‘Destination Self’ – is available on kindle and can be purchased for a modest £1.99.

Following a forty five year career writing I am pleased to announce the release of my twenty first publication on Amazon.

‘Destination Self’ is a Sci-fi novel that I first wrote in 1974. It has now been rewritten and extensively updated and is available in its Kindle version on Amazon. The paperback version will follow shortly. I will keep you informed.

See the link below:

This is a story in the distant future on an alien planet; a tale of madness, delusion and intrigue.
The Earth is dying from overpopulation, pollution and hopelessness. It is running out of energy and time.
An expedition to a far off planet, where a strange ultra-magnetic crystal holds the only hope for fusion energy and an escape from a slow lingering death, is the only possibility for salvation. The expedition is the last of many all of which have ended in terror and failure.
Yet is everything as it seems? Are there political forces at work? What is the reality?
It gets stranger and stranger as it progresses further into the unknown depths of the mind, truth and politics.
A mystical adventure into a strange universe.

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Thanks for supporting your truly independent writer! Opher – always true to himself without compromise!