Anthropocene Apopcalypse – Overcrowding & the population explosion

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I heard on the news that we desperately need more housing. This is a lie!

We do not need more houses!

We need less people!

When are World Leaders and politicians going to wake up to the fact that there are too many of us. We are destroying the planet.

We need political solutions – incentives not to reproduce, punitive disincentives for those who do.

Go forth was the cry. But we have multiplied beyond the planet, and our own, ability to cope.

We are devouring the very things that give us life.




10 thoughts on “Anthropocene Apopcalypse – Overcrowding & the population explosion

  1. Hey Opher, I know the place is over crowded. Yes as a dominant life form here, we are consuming our planets resources far faster than they can be replaced. I don’t have an answer as there are no incentives to cause people to take responsibility for their actions. Birth control? sterilization? War is the way population control has been used in the past. I see soon a place such as Gattaca, where only the perfect gene pool will be allowed to breed. Then all of the rest of us can be invalids, and have no say, or chance. How do we stop over population, when screwing feels so good?

    1. We need to put our minds to work. We have contraception so the good news is that we can still screw!
      Financial incentives seem to work. Rewards and disincentives.
      All I know is we have to do something before we destroy it all. There’s too many of us.

      1. Where you are, that may take root,and be feasible, but here in the US, it will be difficult to fund. Big corporations want it crowded to insure large profits.

  2. Great post! Simple and direct to the real problem. No more excuses, we are not going to wait for war and famine to resolve the problem created by incompetent pro-creators and governments. It is time for the world, as one, to think rationally.

    1. Not a very good picture of intelligence and humanity is it? Let’s hope we start displaying our better side a bit more! Thanks for your comment – best wishes Opher

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