MP paedophiles protected by Officials Secrets Act – Theresa May hardly reassuring!


It is now quite apparent that leading MPs such as Cyril Smith were protected from prosecution by the use of the Official Secrets Act.

That is appalling. These people were virtually given immunity to continue to abuse young children. The establishment were sanctioning their known and on-going abuse of young people.

Just who was it who pulled the strings behind the scenes to prevent investigation and prosecution? Who were these faceless establishment seniors who gave the orders to stifle investigations on MPs and other establishment figures?

Cyril Smith was so well know at picking up young boys on train stations that he was used in police training films on  how to spot paedophiles and how paedophiles operated, yet he was allowed to go ahead abusing boys. Incredible.

The only hopes of getting to the bottom of what has occurred is for those senior police who were threatened and cajoled, so that they stopped their investigations, to now come forward and give evidence. We need to know who was behind the cover up. And let’s be quite clear – we are talking about the rape and even possible murder of young boys and girls here. These are no minor offences. We are also talking about leading politicians of their day. But in order for these Police Officers to come forward and tell what they know they have to be assured that they themselves will not be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act.

That shouldn’t be too difficult should it? They need legal reassurances that they will not be prosecuted.

So why was an extremely flustered Theresa May unable to give such assurances? She looked uncomfortable and out of her depth as she gave evidence to the Vaz enquiry. All she could come up with was pejorative terms like ‘I would hope they would not be prosecuted’ and ‘I would not expect them to be prosecuted’. Hardly reassuring. Yet she must have known the question was coming. It might not have been in her power to give that promise but if she had prepared properly she should have consulted those who could or at least explained.

It was a scandalous performance. All the stops must be taken out. If celebrities are being hauled over the coals for comparatively minor offences then MPs, aristocrats and senior establishment figures should be treated in the same way.

Clearly they have not been. One rule for one and a different rule for everybody else?

19 thoughts on “MP paedophiles protected by Officials Secrets Act – Theresa May hardly reassuring!

  1. You must not live in America! It is most common for powerful, or influential people to be accorded freedoms that the common man doesn’t get. Money might not buy you happiness, but it certainly buys freedom, and allows one to do the things they enjoy doing. If these molesters can’t pay, either in money, or ” valuable information ” , they would end up behind bars. It is still who you know that seems to count. Great piece, by the way.

    1. Thanks Rusty. Yeah, I guess it’s the same the world over. The establishment make their own rules and are above the law. England is no different. There’s just a veneer of respectability over the top of it.

      1. I knew you were in England, I do believe you are correct though. I haven’t seen anywhere, one law for all. That is probably the way it will always be. I obey rules, and laws, but because I don’t have money, and that’s obvious, I get harassed at every turn.

  2. Unfortunately the history of whistle blowers is not a happy one. Most policemen with dirty hands really have nowhere to go. The prospect of getting locked up would be terrifying for them – pretty much a death sentence.

    I havent been keeping up with he latest developments. Good to hear that Vaz had Theresa May squirming. There’s a woman who knows a lot more than she’s letting on.

    1. I thoroughly agree Chris. It is appalling what has happened to whistle-blowers. They need protecting. Unless Theresa May gives cast-iron assurances then those people will not come forward and it will be swept under the carpet.
      I’ve never seen Theresa May squirm so much!

  3. Reblogged this on nomorevippaedophiles and commented:
    My thoughts exactly, i can see only one reason that all stops havent been pulled, and that is that they dont want it to come out, there are at least 30 guilty people working in the house of commons, and who knows how many in the churches and police stations and social services around the country.

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