Opher offers speeches for a cut-price £4,900 a day. Cheap at half the price! Don’t employ a lousy politician for more when you can get someone cheaper and better!

Why employ a burnt out politician for £5000 a day when you can get the services of an experienced, interesting, outspoken, maverick professional for a mere £4900?

I can talk for England, IndiaMandi and the mean mandolin and Slovenia! I can do any subject under the sun! I’ll even talk aliens!

I’ve got a lot of jokes – here’s one – Cameron! (He’s the biggest joke I know).

Putin made an unexpected stop off in France. On the way in customs questioned him:

‘Occupation?’ they enquired.

‘No – only visiting,’ Putin replied.

See – you could have all that and more for the cut down rate of £4900. I’ll even do BOGOFFs!

Get in their quick. I’m sure I’ll soon have a full calendar!