Anthropocene Apocalypse – Chilling Australian Proposals – Planned destruction of delicate ecosystems in the North. The last wilderness to be destroyed.

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Pristine Northern Australian Wilderness under threat!

This Australian Prime Minister certainly has an eye for a quick buck and he does not give a hoot about what devastation and misery he causes for the animals who stand in the way of ‘Progress’.

Whether it’s chopping down the forests to sell as wood-pulp to China or strip mining huge areas, if there’s money to be made he’s there slashing the red tape, taking out the protective legislation.

Live for today and to hell with the future.

Now seemingly the North is to be developed. There’s a mint to be made by flogging beef and wheat to the Asian market. You could say there’s a killing ahead.

Now let me see – clear the forests, damn the rivers, irrigate the land, grow the crops, breed millions of cattle – Feed the World!

I’ve a much better idea! – Stop┬áhumanity breeding like rabbits. Reduce the number of humans and we won’t need to kill every last animal on the planet, ruin every last wilderness and over-run the whole planet with cruel, polluting human beings.

I hope someone is speaking out against that nutcase! Abbott needs ousting before he can do much more permanent damage. He’s got the imagination of a gnat, the scruples of a hyena and the greed of a vulture.