Do I love my country?

Well yes and no!

I am British and for the most part I take pride in being British. I love the good things about Britain and I despise the bad things.

These are some of the bad things I hate about Britain:

a. The Old Boy network and Masons who are part of the establishment that create all the jobs for their own and set the tone and agenda.

b. The xenophobia and arrogance of the establishment who despise foreigners and think we are superior.

c. The class system and narrow mindedness.

d. The prudishness and hypocrisy.

e. The inability to be unrestrained.

f. The racism, homophobia, sexism and intolerance in certain groups of society.

g. The control of the media by the wealthy which removes objectivity and creates control of people’s views undermining democracy.

h. The inequality of wealth and privilege creating an arrogant upper class and downtrodden under-class.

I. The lack of a global perspective to solve political, pollution, social, population and environmental problems.

j. The arms trade and willingness to use war before all else has been tried.

k. The way we allow government and big business to run rough-shod over the environment.

m. The insane stupidity of our archaic justice system where the rules have made it a game instead of a means of creating fairness and justice.

These are some of the things I love about Britain:

a. It’s social history of dissidence and demands for equality, democracy and freedom.

b. It’s civilised way of life with it’s tolerance, freedom and rule of law.

c. Its freedom of expression, freedom of speech, tolerance of religious and political belief, democracy and right to protest.

d. The cosmopolitan, mongrel, population which gives it so much strength and vitality.

e. The British innate sense of justice, fair play and to root for the weak and under-dog.

f. The examples we set the world in abolishing slavery and bringing in democracy.

g. The industrial revolution, our imagination, invention and creativity.

h. Our arts, dance, music, literature and culture that has enriched the world.

I. Our language which is a hybrid of so many languages that its richness and nuance enables such a diversity of expression.

j. Our love of animals and loathing of cruelty.

k. Our National Health Service which is free for everybody without regard to wealth, class or colour.

l. Our eccentricity and love of quirkiness in people and things.

m. Our sense of humour and self-deprecation


I do not see myself as British. I see myself as human. I want a global perspective to deal with the crazy excesses of globalised industry and business, pollution, crime, intolerance, overpopulation, human migration, pollution, environmental degradation and deforestation.

Europe is a step in the right direction. The sooner we rid ourselves of countries, nationalism, racism, xenophobia and the idea of religion the better.

Humans need to be united without regard to colour, creed or religion. There’s only two types of people : the good and the bad.

The good are the ones caring

The bad are the selfish bastards who are taking, imposing and destroying