Benefits of Independent Publishing and Blogging.

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The major benefit is that you can say exactly what you like, write what you think and nobody can tell you not to. You can break every rule on writing and blogging because you do what you feel when you feel like it. That is freedom.

If I was writing for a publisher I would have to tailor my words for a market. I would be censored. I would be restricted.

The first rule of blogging is to be coherent with your message. If I was running this blog properly in order to attract more traffic and sell my books I would have to run it as a commercial exercise. I would restrict the output to gear it to a supportive text. I would probably split it into four separate blogs. The different threads of my Rock, environmental, political, educational and religious themes are not compatible. I am sure that some of my followers are annoyed by some themes and attracted to one in particular. I make no apologies for that. I am a complex, idiosyncratic person. The facets of my character are extreme and I am passionate about them. You get what I am undiluted. Some will find that offensive and hard to take.

I am a writer. My aim is to put down my feelings, thoughts and ideas in as interesting and engaging manner as possible. I love writing. I love communicating. I want to make the world a better place because I am an idealist.

I do not like being shackled.

Hopefully you will be tolerant of my foibles. If you find some of my views offensive you will allow me some leeway. I am happy to be told if I step over the mark. I will defend my views but I am not intolerant or completely insensitive. I enjoy an argument and respect other opinions.

Independent publishing and blogging gives you freedom. I can say what I think and feel.

Long live freedom.Tom Robinson

I believe writing changes people. We can change the world. The zeitgeist is ours to make!

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Independent Publishing and Blogging.

  1. Can I just say, Opher, you and I seem to be on the same page. I won’t agree with everything you say or do, but in the same way there are things I will say and do that you won’t agree with. Such is human nature. However, I welcome other points of view as this allows our point to grow, putting ideas into words means you leave them open to interpretation by the reader.
    You are not the only idealist and I’m sure that if we all get together then our voices will deafen the idiots who hate for no other reason than they don’t understand. I don’t understand why anyone wants to hate others as it’s such a wasted emotion. Love feeds our humanity while hate destroys it. I’m really enjoying your blog and I’m looking forward to reading more.

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