What are the really big question?


Is there a god?

Where do we come from?

Where do we go after death?

What is the purpose of life?

Will we destroy ourselves?

Will we destroy the planet?

Must there always be poverty?

Must there always be inequality?

Most people avoid talking about the big issues. They prefer talking about fashion, love, sexย or relationships. I like big issues.

I do not mind if you think diametrically opposite to how I do. We can still be friends. Agreement is for wimps. I like argument.

As an antitheist I believe religion has prevented us from dealing with the big issues of the day. I do not believe there is a god. The destruction of the planet is due to our greed and selfishness. There does not have to be poverty and inequality. There is because we choose to make it that way. The people who run the world are greedy and selfish. They create systems that are unfair for their own profit.

We can solve all the big issues that confront us if we have the will.

I think we need to create a more positive zeitgeist and put all the problems right.

6 thoughts on “What are the really big question?

    1. Good to hear from you Deanne of the world even though you talk in symbols. We all talk in symbols. We have to translate.
      I’m glad we’re translating each other perfectly. Peace and happiness – Opher

  1. ”As an antitheist I believe religion has prevented us from dealing with the big issues of the day” – I agree that religion is distracting us away from subtle facts of life for centuries and it is a poor choice when it comes to seeking working solutions for our problems. It is of little help and it is rather a blind guide.

    1. And the not so subtle ones! We have to tackle the overpopulation, poverty and war. There’s no excuse. We have the means.
      Thanks for your input – best wishes Opher.

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