Chance and time – James Varda

James VardaWhy does anyone buy a record? What do they want out of an album?

A nice catchy set of songs?  – To sing along to?  – To dance to?

Maybe some easy listening?

Some people prefer something more mature, sophisticated and complex with emotional depth and serious content; songs that deal with real issues. They like their songs with great musicianship, honesty and integrity.

Those people would appreciate being able to lose themselves in James Varda’s world.

It doesn’t get much better than this. What you get is life, a celebration with no punches pulled and the gamut of emotions from fear to the deepest passions. Chance and Time is full of delicate songs beautifully crafted and heart-wrenching sentiments. It is no fairy tale. The poetry reveals the inner feelings in a dreadful crisis.

James pours his soul into this album. It is a legacy of love to pass on, a reflection of all the wonderful moments that evocative of a life spent in England’s countryside and the arms of an enriching relationship. You have to admire his courage and strength. He inspires us all in how to deal with adversity.

We go through our time, second by second, as if it is merely one thing after another, while the awesome wonder goes on around us. We take it for granted and are used to its splendour. It is only when its duration is threatened by chance that we see it for what it really is – a chance occurrence that is almost a miracle. It takes chance to play a mean hand to bring it into sharp relief.

This album engages all the brain, senses and feelings. It is complete communication with nothing held back. We are not used to this level of naked expression. It is remarkable.

The songs are about real life. It is an album that takes you on a journey. It forces you to reassess the beautiful voyage we so briefly enjoy.

This is no easy listening. It is something to remember; a rewarding and enriching experience that changes the colours of the world. It is extremely moving.

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    I just hope everyone takes the trouble to buy this album. It is so moving and such an affirmation of life. I can’t recommend it enough! James is a treasure.

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