Poetry – The Small things – a poem about what really counts.


If life has taught me any lessons it is that there are never any short-cuts that don’t end up costing you, no quick fixes that put things right and that anything worthwhile is always about the details. The small things are really the biggest. They are the things that make the difference. They show you really care.


It’s the little things.


It’s the little things.

It is always the little things;

The touch of a hand,

A kind word,

A voice that sings;

The smile of a child

The caress of a breeze,

The flash of the wings.


That’s what warms the heart,

Gives strength to the mind

And gifts power

To everything you find.


For the little things

Are bigger than you think.

They provide the link.


It’s always the little things

That mean the most.


Opher 5.8.2015