Incandescent Days

Incandescent Days

Incandescent days beneath a nuclear globe,

Worshipped from days long gone,

Creating green explosions on the crust.

No gods to implore but iron to rust

And chemistry to leave within the dust.

Hydrogen to helium

And energy to burn

Upon the mantle of our shelf

As quarks are rearranged

To radiate through space

And illuminate ourselves.

Excited electrons create the air

As pigments dance in ecstasy

To where

They are passed to the chemistry

That dares

To change its state.

For change is the law

And all our fate.

Opher 3.7.2015

Incandescent Days

This planet revolves around the sun. In man’s earliest days it was a thing of wonder, bringing light, heat and life. It had to be a God and was worshipped. The beliefs were that the rituals could unlock and control the powers it possessed.

Our ancestors were wrong in many respects but, even so, the sun is the giver of all life.

The sun’s heat was sufficient to melt ice and liberate vapor. Water is the medium of all living things. None can live without it.

The sun’s light caused photosynthesis to produce the oxygen we breathe and liberate our thoughts. With the energy it donated to us we dissected its secrets and learnt that it was no god and our powers could not touch it.

Life is change. With each day our bodies transform from egg and sperm to death. In millennia we evolve. And the sun itself must change. The giver of life will one day turn destroyer but its passing may produce life for others to evolve on distant worlds.

For we are the stuff of exploding stars.

Sun worship makes sense to me; at least you can see it!

Travelling through Morocco – The most amazing Solar Energy Project – The Noor-Quarzazate Complex,

As we drove down from the Atlas mountains into the Sahara region we could see this great bright light on the horizon. It looked so bright even in the bright sunshine. It appeared to be a large tower far away with an incandescent structure on top – like some modernistic lighthouse.

It was Morocco’s most incredible $9 billion dollar solar energy project – producing enough electricity to power an entire city.

Built on an area of more than 3,000 hectares in area – the size of 3,500 football fields — the Noor-Ouarzazate complex, produces enough electricity to power a city the size of Prague, or twice the size of Marrakesh.

Thousands of mirrors focus heat on to the tower which houses salt. The intense heat actually melts the salt and the heat is used to generate electricity.

Not only that but when the sun goes in the tower can still generate electricity for a further three hours.  Thus alleviates one of the problems of solar power (that it only works when the sun shines).

Morocco already produces 35% of all its electricity from solar and is aiming to increase that rapidly to 42%.

We just need the rest of the world to catch up!

It was quite an amazing sight – I just wish we could have gone closer!

It was great to see it along with some ruins from a bygone age – the future and the past clash: