Poetry – Solstice 2 – Our ancestors used to hold ceremonies to celebrate this.

Poetry – Solstice 2 – Our ancestors used to hold ceremonies to celebrate this.

The Sun!!

We’re tried worshipping most things. The sun makes more sense that most. We live within its atmosphere and it gives us the light and heat that gives us life.

The Green Man and the sun gods Helios, Ra, Kehpri, Atum, Inti, Lugh, Hepa, Garuda, Huitzilopocthli, Apollo, Surya, Sol, Sol Invictus, Shemesh, Sunnya, and a host more, were all widely worshipped.

The longest and shortest days are good reasons for having a great festival and celebration. Nature is what supports us. We should respect it and celebrate its bounty.

I wrote this poem after seeing Nazca Nine on the Summer Solstice. It was a great gig. They were definitely waxing lyrical and many of the monarchs of yore were thought to be incarnations of Sun Gods.

Then there’s the Moon. It’s been a long time since we walked on it. I think some ancient cultures would have shuddered at the very thought.

Solstices are like a rebirth. I like the idea.

Solstice 2

Waxing on the lyrical

Beneath the sacred sun

Getting quite satirical

When God and Queen are one

Verging on the mystical

Beneath the sister moon

Leaning metaphysical

Hope we get there soon

Nineteen Nazca nine

Is looming from the dawn

Me and thee and thine

Are going to be reborn

Opher 31.12.98

Merry Solstice!!! Merry Solstice!!!! Merry Solstice!!!

Merry Solstice!!! Merry Solstice!!!! Merry Solstice!!!

I suppose the bad news is that after today the days start drawing in!! Not to worry. I’m sure there are lots of warm, sunny days ahead!!

Merry Solstice!! The sun is here!!

May the long time sun shine upon you

All love surround

And the pure light inside you

Guide your way on!


Today is the longest day of the year. After today the days start drawing in. This is the turning point to look to create something great out of the new life.

This was a day of pagan celebration!

I raise a glass of rich red blood wine to you!!

I wish you all a glorious new year full of great possibility!!!

Here’s to the strength of the Sun!!!

Here’s to a year of great joy and triumph!!


I wish you love, happiness and fulfillment!!

The longest day of the year!!

Poetry – Worship


I’m going to worship the sun.

At least it is real.

I can feel it on my face.

I can see it in the sky.

The sun is not imaginary;

Not an invention.

It gives me light.

It gives me heat.

It gives me life.

I do not need to talk to it in a cave,

Or on any mountain top,

Or in any wilderness.

The sun appears before everyone.

It does not make demands on me,

Or gives me lists of things I must not do,

Or lists of things I must do,

Things I have to wear,

Things I must not eat.

The sun is kind it merely gives expecting nothing in return.

I do not have to pray to it to make it shine.

It just shines.

It does not know that I exist.

It does not care.

It does not threaten me with eternal torture,

Or promise me eternal pleasure.

It came from the same place as me.

It made the atoms of my body.

It will die like me.

I am happy with the sun.

It will do very nicely.

Opher – 17.4.2021

Just imagine for one minute that there is no god.

Doesn’t that make a mockery of all the fantastic effort and sacrifices people all over the world have made?

Yet we can’t see this god. He rarely answers our prayers – if ever.

Why is it that only a certain few people have ever claimed to have spoken to god and received instructions from him? And always alone in caves, up mountains or in wildernesses.

Why is god so shy?

Why does this god give different, and very precise, instructions to different people?

Will wearing a veil, eating pork or beef, wearing a turban or devoutly praying really make that difference to him?

I always laugh when some who is saved from disaster thanks god. They never ask why god allowed the disaster in the first place or why he didn’t save the equally worthy people who died in the disaster.

If we have to worship something I’ll settle for the sun. The sun’s good enough for me. It’ll do for now. I might eventually transfer my allegiance to the moon though. She’s more mysterious.

Poetry – Our Light

Our Light

It glows,

Incandescent in the night,

Fusing elements

To create worlds.

It radiates

Without pause or thought

As it gives

Of all it has.


From afar in wonder

As it appears

To traverse the sky.


With an atmosphere

Of molten

Plasma fury.

It gives life

Without knowing

As it sacrifices

Itself eternally.

Opher 30.5.2016

Our Light

I wanted to produce a poem for our sun – sol – the giver of life.

It was marvelled at by the ancients and worshipped as a god. For they recognised that all the light and heat it gave was all that sustained us. As they saw it slowly rise, crawl across the sky and sink they sank to their knees and gave thanks. For we have need to produce ritual and seek answers. Our imagination is mighty.

Within its heart it fuses simple hydrogen and helium to create the full range of elements. It spews forth the complex atoms from which we are formed. Our carbon and oxygen were forged within that cauldron of unimaginable heat and pressure.

The planet we stand on is of its essence.

It pours forth light, heat and matter in a constant storm as we live within its atmosphere. It will do so for billions of years – as if an eternity. Then it will turn destroyer and expand to wrap us in its fiery cape and dissolve every artefact of our existence.

Once more we will rest within its mantle.

It is only a small star –

Nothing more.

The Despicable Tabloids – Propaganda Tools of the Establishment.

I generally avoid the Tabloid Press like the plague. They are purveyors of lies and propaganda of the worst type. But last week I was in the supermarket and I was given a free copy of the SUN. I accepted and took it home to have a look at what it was about.

As I remember the front cover was about the traitor Corbyn who had betrayed the country and met with Czechoslovakian spies to pass on information about a MI5 crackdown to the soviets. The truth of the matter was that Jeremy had, in the course of his duties as an MP, met up with a Czech Diplomat on two occasions in the normal course of his work and they had some brief words. That diplomat later turned out to be a spy.

Inside the paper were numerous jibes about extreme socialism and similar pernicious references. The articles were banal, sensationalised and all written in the style that a twelve year old would find accessible.

It was appalling.

The Sun, Express and Mail are all aiming at the same less educated market. Their constant drip drip drip of propaganda and spin is intended to sow the seeds of doubt into the ignorant minds of the populace.

Seemingly Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic and a friend to terrorists because he has shared platforms with Palestinians. He is a friend of IRA terrorists too because he has shared a platform with IRA representatives, deplores the army’s brutality and is in favour of a united Ireland. The fact that he has won two UN Peace awards for his efforts to try to find solutions to these intractable problems is never reported. They put the spin on it to undermine him.

The Telegraph and Times not much better, though at least the language is a bit less sensation and has more substance.

It is cynical.

These papers are despicable purveyors of establishment propaganda. The spin they put on things is to undermine the Labour Party, paint them as crazy extremists and support the Tory Party and the establishment they represent. The constant stream of lies, innuendo and spin is a poison that filters into the psyche of the population. They spread hysteria about terrorism, immigration and scare stories about scroungers and criminal gangs and exaggerate things into sensationalised emotional images.

How can any democracy work while these scandal sheets spread their lies?

The Press is owned by the wealthy elite and exists to maintain that privilege. The Labour Party are a threat to that establishment and the newspapers and media generally are using every tactic they can to undermine him.

Poetry – Incandescent Days – a poem for life on planet Earth.

This planet revolves around the sun. In man’s earliest days it was a thing of wonder, bringing light, heat and life. It had to be a God and was worshipped. The beliefs were that the rituals could unlock and control the powers it possessed.

Our ancestors were wrong but even so the sun was the giver of all life.

The sun’s heat was sufficient to melt ice and liberate vapour. Water is the medium of all living things. None can live without it.

The sun’s light caused photosynthesis to produce the oxygen we breathe and liberate our thoughts. With the energy it donated to us we dissected its secrets and learnt that it was no god and our powers could not touch it.

Life is change. With each day our bodies transform from egg and sperm to death. In millennia we evolve. And the sun itself must change. The giver of life will one day turn destroyer but its passing may produce life for others to evolve on distant worlds. For we are the stuff of exploding stars.

Incandescent Days

Incandescent days beneath a nuclear globe

Worshipped from days long gone

Creating green explosions on the crust.

No gods to implore but iron to rust

And chemistry to leave within the dust.


Hydrogen to helium

And energy to burn

Upon the mantle of our shelf

As quarks are rearranged

To radiate through space

And illuminate ourselves.


Excited electrons create the air

As pigments dance in ecstasy

To where

They are passed to the chemistry

That dares

To change its state.

For change is the law

And all our fate.


Opher 3.7.2015