Poetry – Worship


I’m going to worship the sun.

At least it is real.

I can feel it on my face.

I can see it in the sky.

The sun is not imaginary;

Not an invention.

It gives me light.

It gives me heat.

It gives me life.

I do not need to talk to it in a cave,

Or on any mountain top,

Or in any wilderness.

The sun appears before everyone.

It does not make demands on me,

Or gives me lists of things I must not do,

Or lists of things I must do,

Things I have to wear,

Things I must not eat.

The sun is kind it merely gives expecting nothing in return.

I do not have to pray to it to make it shine.

It just shines.

It does not know that I exist.

It does not care.

It does not threaten me with eternal torture,

Or promise me eternal pleasure.

It came from the same place as me.

It made the atoms of my body.

It will die like me.

I am happy with the sun.

It will do very nicely.

Opher – 17.4.2021

Just imagine for one minute that there is no god.

Doesn’t that make a mockery of all the fantastic effort and sacrifices people all over the world have made?

Yet we can’t see this god. He rarely answers our prayers – if ever.

Why is it that only a certain few people have ever claimed to have spoken to god and received instructions from him? And always alone in caves, up mountains or in wildernesses.

Why is god so shy?

Why does this god give different, and very precise, instructions to different people?

Will wearing a veil, eating pork or beef, wearing a turban or devoutly praying really make that difference to him?

I always laugh when some who is saved from disaster thanks god. They never ask why god allowed the disaster in the first place or why he didn’t save the equally worthy people who died in the disaster.

If we have to worship something I’ll settle for the sun. The sun’s good enough for me. It’ll do for now. I might eventually transfer my allegiance to the moon though. She’s more mysterious.

17 thoughts on “Poetry – Worship

  1. If God wasn’t the sun wouldn’t have existed neither you worship the creator of us all but not the objects but their heart is dark as it’s written they thought they were wise but became fools.

    1. Who told you that rubbish? The sun is a result of the big bang not some fairy. People who put their faith in imaginary products of superstition minds deserve all they get.

      1. No – it’s called science – you know – things that can be verified! Unlike religion – based on primitive superstition with no evidence – just ancient writings from ignorant uneducated people.

      2. Science is based on reason, observation, measurement and verification. I’ll settle for that any day over blind faith with no evidence.

      3. No. There is much unseen. But we live to discover not invent. What is is. It is the result of physical laws. Nothing more. It is amazing but has no purpose.

      4. Where is the reason of discovering if no purpose? You speak of unseen yet you deny existing SPIRIT CREATOR GOD…..HAS science discovered any thing to prove no GOD?

      5. Sceince does not need to. It has proven that a lot of the biblical claims were rubbish. They used to believe the whole universe spun around the earth, that the stars were pinpricks in the firmament through which the light of heaven shone. Science has revealed planets, galaxies and evolution. It has shown how flawed our bodies are and that God is not up in the sky with angels in heaven and the devil is not under the ground. So religion has to keep trying to reinvent itself.
        Where did this god come from?
        Where did he live before he created the universe?
        Who created god?
        I can tell you the answers to all these questions.

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