The Mississippi Blues Trail RL Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Howlin’ Wolf

I went chasing the tails of these great blues guys with their hypnotic rhythms. I arrived too late. They’d all gone!

Howlin’ Wolf Monument and Museum – West Point Mississippi.

We rolled into town to check out one of the greatest bluesmen, performers, singers and voices in the history of the blues – the great Howlin’ Wolf!!

We found his monument OK and the fabulous museum – unfortunately, the museum was shut!! We peered through the windows though!!

Natchez Burning – The terrible fire in Natchez Mississippi that killed 209 people.

I had only heard about the terrible fire from the Howlin’ Wolf record which I first heard as a teenager. I never thought I would actually get to visit the site and see where the tragedy had happened.

Here’s Howlin’ Wolf’s poignant song.

The Natchez Burning – YouTube

Today’s Music to keep me SSsSsAaAaannNNEEee in Isolation – Howlin’ Wolf

I’ve got the grandchildren round today (pretty full on!) so I’m going to have to educate them! So today I’ll be playing some Howlin’ Wolf very loud!!

Howlin’ Wolf – Moanin’ in the moonlight (full album) – YouTube

Today’s Music To Keep me SsSssaaAAaNnnnnNEEEE in Isolation – Howlin’ Wolf – The best!!

So brilliant!! The best voice and band. Those Willie Dixon numbers are genius. The power and raw brilliance. I shall enjoy listening to some Wolf today!!!

Howlin’ Wolf – The Best Of Vol 1 (Full Album / Album complet) – YouTube

Today’s Music to keep me SssSAAaaanNNNnEEEE in Isolation – Howlin’ Wolf – Moanin’ in the Moonlight

I was introduced to this album around at my mate Dick Brunning in 1964. It took me a while to get my ears adjusted but then it blew my brains. What a superb album, brimming with power and atmosphere. That hypnotic rhythm and Chester’s voice!!!!

I enjoyed playing My Muddy Waters yesterday and thought I’d follow that up with a bit of Wolf.

Howlin’ Wolf – Moanin’ At Midnight – YouTube

Today’s Music to help keep up my spirits through Isolation! – Howlin’ Wolf

Howlin’ Wolf was one of the first Blues singers that Dick Brunning introduced me to. It was that Moanin’ in the Moonlight album. Amazing.

What an enormous man in so many ways. He hammered those Willie Dixon songs. His massive frame, his incredible voice and his performances all emanated power. So many brilliant songs.

I kick myself now. Howlin’ Wolf played in London and I never went to see him. There was always something else happening and I’d catch him another time. That other time never happened. A big regret.

So today I am going to be playing the Wolf – real loud.

There’s nothing quite like the Blues for raising the spirits!