Gullibility of the No-Dealers pt. 2 – the other half of a poem

Gullibility of the No-Dealers pt. 2

We’ll guard our own borders

And are guardians of our fate.

The elite can control us.

It’ll all be bloody great!


We’re pawns being pushed around

On this board of life.

Our souls are owned by them

With their secret tendrils rife.


We’re out on our own now.

It’s great in isolation.

We’re far better off alone

Who needs collaboration?


Honda, Ford and British Steel

Have shut down for good.

And Dyson and the bankers

Have fled our neighbourhood.


We don’t need jobs in this free land

There’s no need to be skittish.

We’re all stiff upper lip

Because we are all British!


Besides, the ones who really matter

Have their money safe elsewhere.

We don’t need to worry

They’ll still get more than their share!


It’s because of the floods of Muslims

Taking all our jobs and more.

Hordes from the East

With their veils, mosques and sharia law.


We think we’ve got it in proportion

All this dread and fear.

We know the threat is real

The implications are quite clear.


So we believe everything from Farage,

Tommy Robinson is right!

We love Rees-Mogg and Boris

Because they are all white!


We want to take back our nation

And build walls so high.

We’ll make our own laws

And never wonder why.


Who cares if it makes us poorer?

Who cares if the rich get richer?

Who cares if Britain loses power?

For we see the bigger picture!


Opher 7.6.2019



I despair when I hear stupid people talking about just leaving. As if one can just end decades of collaboration and walk away without any problems; as if it’s easy.

They are ignorant of the difficulties of extricating ourselves from the close unions and joint ventures.

You can walk out of a marriage and then the solicitors move in on the divorce and you find it costs an arm and a leg and life is twice as hard. And a divorce is a doddle compared to this.

One only has to look at the car or aero industries where components are manufactured in different countries and assembled. No wonder they are all pulling out of Britain.

After the war various institutions were set up in order to prevent another horrendous conflict – NATO, the UN and then the EU. All promoting talk, collaboration and peaceful ways of trading and solving problems. All based on working together and reducing tensions.

Yes they are gravy trains. Yes there is corruption. Yes they cost a lot. Yes there is a heavy-handed control. Yes there are undemocratic aspects. But isn’t that a small price to pay?

How much did the Second World War cost? It cost us an Empire. It broke the country.

I’m sick of all this Dunkirk spirit and ‘we survived the Blitz’. There was no choice. We did what we had to do – just like they are doing in Syria right now.

Before the EU life was hard. We were poor. People forget. Life wasn’t good. No Irish, No Blacks. Fascists on the streets, boot boys, skinheads, paki bashers, bomb sites and prefabs. Irish terrorism, poor food, two favours of ice-cream and black and white telly. We couldn’t afford a phone.

Yeah – we’ll be alright on our own!!