Vietnam – Inside the caves of Halong

These strange calcareous rocks formations were hollow with amazing caves. The Vietnamese lit them up in gaudy colours. They were stunning.

Petra – back out and away! Fare Thee Well! Photos

I bet you’ve had enough photos of Petra. I found it amazing and would go back again.

Unfortunately, it was the end of the afternoon. We had to come down from the caves and set off for the long walk back. It was hot. We were weary but elated.

This stallholder was surprised when one of the goats came for a visit. He had to shoo it out.

We walked back past the incredible rocks and carvings.

Past the peddlers of tourist tat.

Past the Treasury with the touts looking to snag a last tourist.

Past the weary families.

A last look back before heading down the cleft.

Past the boy with the donkey hoping for a weary traveller.

Down among the amazing rocks

past the occasional monument (devoid of idols)

Avoiding the madly careering horses and traps.

Past the weary people snatching a rest

Past people arriving for the evening sunset

Out of the cleft, past the weary horses

A last look at the Nabatean caves.

And Petra was left behind us – but we took some of its magic with us!

Petra – inside the incredible cave dwellings – photos

We clambered up the cliffs to get into the caves.  Some of them seemed to have been hollowed out, or extended, by the Nabateans. Others seemed natural. Many had signs of previous habitation – smoke blacked ceilings.

I was in my element with the camera,

The fabulous colours, striations and organic shapes of the eroded sandstone were spectacular. I think I liked them better than the Treasury.

The openings reminded me of Gaudi’s windows in his houses in Barcelona.

It was amazing to stand in the entrance to the caves and peer across the valley. A beautiful sight.

Everywhere were extraordinary colours, shapes and structures. It’s like the world was on acid.

I had to be prised away. I might have spent all day clambering around shouting out – ‘WOW!!’

Photography – Jordan – Petra – amazing coloured rock and organic carved caves.

jordan 440 jordan 444 jordan 445 jordan 447 jordan 449 jordan 450 jordan 452 jordan 461 jordan 462 jordan 463 jordan 568 jordan 591 jordan 592 jordan 607

I’m sure that Gaudi must have been to Petra and taken his ideas back to Spain. The shapes of the windows in his buildings is highly reminiscent of the caves of Petra.

I loved the colours in the rock and the flow of the carvings – probably eroded over time. Petra and Little Petra were extraordinary. The beauty was breath-taking.