Poetry – Creation – The beginning of the banishment of dark.



I wrote this poem after watching a Horizon programme on the creation of the universe. I stole various wonderful phrases that seemed to capture the essence of the wonder.

For me the universe is a mystery and one that slowly we are unravelling. Science is the greatest provider of wonder to me. Perhaps we will never know all the secrets of the universe and life. The further we extend our knowledge the stranger it all becomes. I’m fine with that. The wonder and awe are in the perpetual discovery. It wouldn’t do to understand it all. Where’s the fun in that?


The first star was born;

The first light;

The story of us.


In the beginning,

A bright beginning,

The Big Bang

And dust.



White hot

And searing light,

With hydrogen gust.


Then cooling,

A vast blackness,

A fog

Of hydrogen gas.



Welcome to the Dark Ages;

The long night

Of then –

But no us.


Then the first pinprick of light

And a dim cosmic dawn

As the first of zillions of stars was born.

The light of creation;

A fusion of elemental force

In the dark,

Forging metals

And hurling them back out

To leave their mark.


The supernova of nuclear storm

Creating planets

For a brand new morn.

All the gold silver and iron

Created in stars

Through fiery aeons.


Gravities pull

On that diffuse pool

With uneven spread

Fusing quarks

Into carbon and lead.

Giving forth sustaining light

With suns a hundred times bigger

Than our sun

With its heavy metal trigger.

As violet blue,

The elements they spew,

Cutting through the fog

With a cosmic knife.

Providing the building blocks

For life.


Now on this rock

Conceived in the maw of a star

We have eyes

That can peer near and far

And minds

To fathom the nature

Of a quark

And the wonder

Of that first

Bright spark

That lit up a tiny corner

Of perpetual dark.


Opher 20.9.15