The Corona Diaries – Day 768

Horrible, cold and wet. Bring on Summer. I’m hibernating.

This morning I helped a friend publish her book and listened to some Bob Marley. This afternoon I’m going to put some wood on the fire and sit and read!! It feels more like winter!! I’m having a lazy day.

Outside in Coronaland, on the day the MET police started dishing out fines to law-breaking Tories, the Tories were having a big party! You couldn’t write it, could you?? This was a big thank you from the Big Dog Turd for saving his career so he could continue to become a lot richer!

They think we are all morons. They are right, we are! We allow these elite multimillionaires to keep conning us. I give up!!

So, the big question is: do we all just carry on as usual? As if nothing has happened?

The fact that fines have been issued tells us that laws have been broken. Has Johnson himself been given one? We are not being told! Does that matter? No!

On more than one occasion Johnson categorically stated to parliament and to the public that there were no parties and all covid rules were followed. We now know that not only were there many parties, and covid rules were blatantly not followed, but Johnson attended a number of them. So we have categorical proof that Johnson deliberately lied.

So, is it now considered alright for a Prime Minister to lie to parliament? Is it alright for him to lie to us?

Lying is now considered trivial.

Have we ever had a Prime Minister who is guilty of perennial lying and law-breaking?

It leaves one asking the question of what does it now take to get a resignation? We’ve had Johnson and his Ministers brazening it out through lying, law-breaking, sleazy second jobs, bullying staff, illegal lobbying, illegal bungs (in the form of donations, cash for peerages, cash for secret meetings, illegal VIP tendering, mismanagement of billions of pounds of public money and eye-watering incompetence.

Whereas a short while ago MPs were jailed for fiddling expenses – which seems to me to be trivial in comparison to the level of corruption we have seen in this government.

If Johnson had a shred of honour he would resign. He is a law-breaking liar! He is still denying criminality!! What a dishonourable twerp!!

If we look at the history of the government its record is shocking. It has been a twelve-year application of austerity for the poor and public servants while the bankers and wealthy have never had it so good.

I find it shocking that these Tories continue to pretend to be running the country for the benefit of all of us when in reality they are blatantly running it for the benefit of the wealthy.

They successfully hid the dire consequences of Brexit with covid. They are now hiding their incompetent law-breaking handling of covid behind the Ukrainian war.

We now have a massive cost of living crisis which is a direct result of their policies and they are telling us it is the result of global changes.

It isn’t.

Brexit is costing us £37 billion a year. They squandered £50 billion in illegally doshing out cash to their chums and bringing in useless, hugely expensive schemes such as Test and Trace and Covid Apps (which again put huge amounts of money to their friends and slimy brokers).

They are allowing power companies and oil companies to make tens of billions of pounds of excess profits.

They allow their MPs to continue earning vast sums for dubious lobbying and lucrative advisory roles. The role of running the country is considered by Tories as a secondary role. Making huge sums of money is their raison d’etre.

They have cut the NHS, Education and Public Servants to the bone and deliberately frozen their wages – deliberately creating poverty.

They have cut benefits for those at the bottom of the rung who most need it.

They have deliberately raised taxes and National Insurance that will hit the poor (at a time when tax loopholes allow those earning millions to avoid paying any taxes).

This cost of living crisis is a direct result of Tory policies. They do it deliberately. It is what the Tory Party was formed to do.

The Partygate lies are fundamental. It shows quite clearly that they really do believe that they are better than the rest of us. They do not have to follow the same rules as we do. They are above the law. They arrogantly feel superior and treat us like gullible fools.

The sad thing is that they are getting away with this!! They really do need locking up!!

Turning attention to the Covid pandemic that no longer exists (no more testing – much harder to get stats – no accurate stats) we find that there were another 81,280 new cases yesterday, hospital admission was up again and the deaths zoomed up to 304.

The great news is that the lying, lawbreaking Big Dog Turd is still your master! Doff your caps!!

Stay safe!!

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