The Corona Diaries – Day 761

A beautiful sunny day in Yorkshire – blue skies, warm and little breeze. The slight southerly breeze was quite welcome when I took my walk up my hill. I could detect a little greening of the barren bushes as the warmth sent the say flowing – but perhaps that was just the sunlight shining on the algae and lichen that covered the bark.

To the sounds of birdsong, a woodpecker hammering in the copse and gunfire (as the locals shoot anything that moves) I had a pleasant stroll. That gunfire always angers me. For the wildlife every day is like the siege of Mariupol. Why do these people have to kill things??

I know, I’ve heard all the arguments about keeping the pesky pigeons, rabbits and crows down because they take over. I don’t buy it. These people are intent on rearing pheasants for rich toffs to shoot. They call it sport. It means that they spend their time trying to kill anything that either preys on their stupid birds (you don’t get anything much more stupid than a pheasant) or competes with them – ie. anything that moves!

I’m still slightly muzzy, a little tired and a bit sinusy, but I’m largely over covid!!

Back home I’ve been reading Dave Volek’s novella about his EDG new political system set in a Native American community. Greatly enjoyed it.

I was also playing Safe As Milk – the debut album from Captain Beefheart – what a superb monster of an album it was (and is). Took me back to being 18 again (easily done – I never grow up).

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Rishi Sunak is blotting his copybook. Instead of doing anything to help the poor in the face of this unprecedented crisis of a cost of living he has produced a Fuck You budget that favours the rich and does nothing to address the issues.

A 5p cut in fuel tax when petrol has gone up 30p isn’t going to help much. He’s allowed the oil companies to continue their multibillion-pound bonanza, not taxed the rich, who have been profiteering away, not addressed the public sector, education, NHS, local authorities, who are being driven into the ground, done nothing to address the energy providers who are giving enormous dividends to their shareholders while fleecing us, not even acknowledged the soaring food and goods increases that are due to their stupid Brexit deal (though we’re not allowed to mention that).

All told we have inflation raging, salaries lagging, energy bills going berserk, food bills shooting up and he doesn’t give a stuff.

Many people are absolutely desperate. They don’t know how they can feed and clothe their kids.

Well – I find myself thinking, more fool them. They voted for this greedy bunch of lying profiteers and self-servers. How did they really believe that a bunch of sleazy multimillionaires would have their interests at heart? History shows us clearly that they say stuff to get elected then give all the cash to their chums – which is precisely what they’ve been doing.

If you vote for greedy millionaires then don’t be surprised that they’ll do what they always do – and give away as little as they can possibly get away with to ordinary people. All they care about are the top 5%.

Just think – if they had voted for Corbyn the energy sector would have been nationalised and restricted to a 5% increase as in France!! We wouldn’t have had Brexit costing us £37 billion a year, putting up prices, and people like Rees-Mogg would have been properly taxed on the millions he’s been stashing away.

It’s a hard lesson. It’s always best to vote for people who understand you, represent you and have your interests at heart.

Sunak is raising all the taxes and National Insurance so that he can bribe everyone before the next election. Tories think we are all stupid with the intellect of a goldfish – and they’ve been proved right most times!

He reckons he doesn’t have to do anything about the massive energy hikes because Summer is nearly here and nobody will be freezing until next Autumn. Ho Ho Ho. Eat cold bread (if you can afford it).

Then we have the crocodile tears shed for the P&O sacked mariners – and it turns out that the Tories were told in advance but only started bleating when there was public outrage!!

It’s like watching Vlad the Impaler pretending to sympathise with his next victim.

Talking of Vlad, Vladimir Putin isn’t doing too well is he? His offensive is stalled, everything is either breaking down, running out of fuel, being abandoned, blown up or captured. Some estimates put his troop losses as high as 15,000. He’s lost Generals and just had a warship blown up. So much for a fearsome superpower. It’s worse than watching the USA in Afghanistan. Many of his soldiers have frostbite, no food and no ammo. They are crying. The Ukrainians are pushing them back in many areas. They do not have air superiority and have not taken a single city following four weeks of heavy fighting. They’ve had to bring in mercenaries and have taken to pounding cities like Mariupol into rubble. But still they can’t take it!!

Who would have thought that at the beginning?

The Ukrainians are being rearmed with missiles (including antiship missiles) and antitank weapons. There seems to be a growing belief that they can actually win this war and kick Putin’s ramshackle army out!!

Putin might chuck more stuff in. He has more resources, but no matter what, he’s already lost.

The question is what will happen now?? Out of pique will he destroy Ukraine with chemical and biological weapons like he’s done in Syria? Will he resort to nukes? Will the Russian people (once the body bags start coming back, the soldiers’ tales from the front tell the lie to the propaganda, the internet spreads the horror of what they have done to places like Mariupol) rise up and oust him? Will the Oligarchs, hit by these unprecedented sanctions, kick him out? Or will the military rebel? Will he be assassinated? Or will he continue to oppress and tyrannise!!

Remember Navalny!!!

What times we live in!!

Everything goes in cycles. We’ve just had the time of despots, tyrants and populists promoting fear and hate, creating division and pushing hard-line nationalism. It’s time for a change – a dose of compassion, empathy, cooperation, fellowship and togetherness.

It would be nice to see the likes of Bolsonaro, Johnson and Trump getting their arses kicked. I notice that the chief prosecutor of Trump has just resigned with a parting shot saying that they have enough evidence to prosecute Trump on many felonies! They need to lock the lying crook up (along with his obnoxious offspring and relatives – a bunch of evil crooks). So why did he resign? Because the New York chickenshit DA refuses to press ahead??

How have the American people allowed themselves to be so fooled for so long?? Trump is the biggest crook on the planet! His Russian ties should be enough of a clue!!

So, in the pandemic that no longer exists in order to save Big Dog Turd, the covid rates are shooting up – there were another 103,000 cases yesterday with another 196 deaths and hospital cases on an upward trajectory at over 15,000. Scientists are predicting new and nastier variants as we stoke the virus breeding grounds!!

Don’t worry. It’s all in hand. Johnson is still in office. Everything’s fine!!

Enjoy your ventilators!!

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