The Corona Diaries – Day 760

A gorgeous day in Yorkshire (though it started with a heavy fog that had cleared by 9.00 a.m.). It was that warm I even took my jumper off when we took our walk up my hill. There wasn’t a great deal to see. It was still very hazy even in the afternoon. The warmth has started bringing the mayblossom out!! Soon be swathes of white!!

Back home I’ve been playing some North Mississippi Allstars to fill me with energy. Fabulous!!

I finished Mark Hunter’s book – Hysterical Hoosiers!! A great laugh.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, it’s budget day. The Tories threw a few minor pieces of red meat to the poor. 5p off petrol isn’t going to go far when its gone up by 40p. They’ve done very little to address the tsunami that is hitting us. All we hear is that it’s global forces and the war to blame.


We have a perfect storm – food price shooting up, rents shooting up, petrol prices shooting up, energy prices off the scale, tax rises, national insurance rises, benefits cuts.. How’s a poor man meant to live?

So why is the media squealing??? – Because they are run by Tories?

So let’s examine this shall we?

Oil companies profiteering – making billions in excess profits (while pump prices go berserk).

Energy companies have been having a bonanza.

The government failed to do enough on the alternative energy and heat conservation in houses.

The government is raising taxes and national insurance which will hit the poor. They already cut benefits. They are not bringing in windfall taxes on the oil companies.

Brexit, which our clown is trumpeting about, has caused shortages in HGV drivers and veg pickers – resulting in higher prices. The extra red tape, checks and tariffs have increased prices. Food and goods price increases are not global – they are Brexit.

They are not closing the tax loopholes and all those profiteers busy looting have been stashing their money in the Cayman Islands. Rees-Mogg has £135 million stashed there. Heaven knows how many secret accounts are set up there. All these Tory MPs earning millions from lobbying and directorships have been making merry. Do you think our clown has been stashing cash??

The thing that amazes me is that the sheep who are backing the Tories know all this sleaze and corruption is going on and still vote for them. They know all about the Russian connection and still support them. I despair. The sheep can’t wait to get to the abattoir.

This country is just like Russia. Putin and the Oligarchs have been systematically stripping the country of its wealth. They have billions which the Russian people live in poverty. It’s exactly the same here though not quite on that scale.

The Tories represent a band of profiteering exploiters who have been making a killing out of both Brexit and Covid – and they are probably making a fortune out of the Ukraine war. But that’s alright – boys will be boys. Boris is a lad, isn’t he??

Talking of the war. Putin is in a mess isn’t he? He’s lost a mess of tanks, planes, vehicles and between 10,000 and 15,000 troops. He’s in great danger of having his arse kicked out. Logistics have been pathetic. They’ve run out of food, petrol, parts and ammunition. They’ve had to bring in mercenaries from Syria and Chechnia.5 generals have been killed. He’s having to imprison antiwar demonstrators. He’s pumping out lying propaganda. His economy is in a mess. We’ll see where this all goes. Meanwhile he is desperately flattening Ukrainian cities and killing women and children.

He needs taking before a war crimes tribunal (along with all the other war criminals).

As Russia reels, it remains to be seen how long he’ll last! Not what he expected. He got away with Georgia, Crimea and the Donbas and thought that taking Ukraine would be a walk in the park. They’d nip in, take Kyiv in a day, whip Zeletskiy out and put a puppet in. Job done. The west would bleat and rollover. Then he’d sort out a few more countries and create a new USSR.

I wonder how much all those planes, tanks and missiles cost???

I was interested to see just who is supporting Putin. It makes for interesting reading:

Belarus, Syria, Brazil, North Korea, Eritrea – a bunch of warmongering despots, tyrants and populists. Not a great bunch to have as allies is it??

China, Pakistan and India are abstaining they want the cash – this could be a lucrative market. Though China is pumping out proPutin propaganda!! They are not averse to threatening people, crushing civil rights, and invading. Tibet and the Uighurs might have a view on that. They want to do the same to Taiwan.

The Tories, as usual, are saying one thing and doing another – two-faced twats. Grudgingly they agreed to allow the Ukrainian refugees in but they have made such an obstacle course to secure visas that hardly any can get in. Typical callous farce!! Lying and making untrue claims is all they do (when they’re not looting).

So, in the pandemic that no longer exists due to saving the Big Dog Turd’s career, the number of cases has shot up to 95,098 (even with obstacles in testing). The deaths have shot up to 250 and hospital cases have jumped to over 15,000. Not looking very promising is it?

But no doubt Johnson will tell us it’s all hunky-dory. We need the economy going so Rees-Mogg and his chums can stuff even more cash in the Cayman Islands. Besides, 250 deaths is nothing!! They aren’t anybody important!! Who needs science – we’re populists!!

It’s so widespread now I keep hearing of other friends and relatives going down with it on a daily basis! Thank heavens I had my vaccinations before I got it. I’m still feeling the effects.

Stay safe!!

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