The Corona Diaries – Days 749/750

It has been rather a frantic weekend. We’ve been entertaining one of our grandchildren which has kept us extremely busy. We’ve been to zoos, castles and play areas! all rather exhausting.

One thing that is quite apparent is the effect Covid has had on us. It has completely sapped out energy. We are now 4 weeks on from when we went down with it and it still lingers!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our jolly fickle electorate shows just how gullible and influenced by the media they actually are. Everything in the media is now about the war in Ukraine. There has been a change:

It’s as if Partygate, the law-breaking, lying, MET report and Sue Gray has never happened.

It’s as if the Russian connection with the Tories, Brexit and the election of the Tories and Trump is of no consequence.

The sleaze and corruption with Wallpapergate, second salaries, cash for peerages, cash for meetings, preferential illegal pathways, PPE tendering and the rest are forgotten.

The inept handling of Covid is being reinvented as a success. Johnson not only got Brexit done but he beat Covid too!

Speaking of Brexit – the fact that the inept negotiation is costing us £37 billion a year is just being glossed over!

Despite all this corruption, lying and incompetence Johnson’s approval ratings have lept up 11 points and Labour’s lead has been cut to 5%.

Any belief I had in the electorate and the democratic system is shattered. The population is being led around like a bull with a ring in his nose by the likes of Murdock and the wealthy elite who control the media.

Unbelievable. This must rate as the worst government and worst Prime Minister in history and they’re still in with a shout!!

Stay safe!! We just might survive a nuclear Holocaust. We just need to dig a very deep hole and store enough food in it for a year or two. Good luck.

8 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Days 749/750

      1. BTW, my brass band concert on Friday (opening the Petersfield Music Festival) has just been cancelled. Five band members (not me) testing positive. Now, over-caution is exposed for what it is; just trying to boot the can down the road.

      2. How do you reckon that Neil?
        My – you’ve been lucky up to now? Are any of your band members really ill?? Are they jabbed?

      3. The band’s president, who is one of the five now down with COVID, is a bit of an “old woman” – he has kept on mask-wearing weeks past the time everyone else stopped, and now he gets the thing anyway!

        I haven’t heard that anyone is seriously ill. As to jab status, that isn’t something I’ve asked any of them.

      4. It’s so widespread now that I think everybody will get it. Mask wearing is courtesy to others more than prevention.

      5. You’re absolutely right there Opher, everyone is going to get it. Even if some of them were completely asymptomatic, so never knew they had it. The “herd immunity” strategy is implicitly based on that assumption. It didn’t work two years ago, because at that point the thing was severe enough to fill the hospitals to capacity and more. But now (assuming the “experts” have done their calculations right!) it can be allowed to rip through the population.

      6. I’m not sure any scientists were involved in these decisions. I think it was more about Johnson’s career. It’s another gamble.

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