The Corona Diaries – Day 748

Still feeling tired and lethargic following covid. Liz has added sore throat and cold symptoms. It’s not so much Long Covid as Lingering covid. We both feel off and muzzy. It’ll pass. Our brains are probably still a bit inflamed.

Beautifully sunny and warm but with a cool breeze. I took a walk up my hill. My red kite was flying low over the field. I was expecting the songbirds to be out in force filling the air with song but I did not hear a great deal. I did hear shooting though. Is it shooting season? Up here they shoot anything that moves – even if it gives itself up. They’re worse than Putin.

I’ve been doing some reading (Jasper Fforde), writing a poem or two and sorting with one of my mates to do a podcast. We are going into the studio to natter. Not quite sure what we will call this podcast yet – probably something like ‘Oph and Mike talk about Rock and stuff’. It’s going to be primarily music-based as Mike doesn’t like upsetting people whereas I like to speak my mind. We’ll see. Any suggestions for a name for our weekly podcast??

I’m off shortly to pick up one of the grandchildren. He’s won the lucky golden ticket and gets to stay with us for the next couple of days!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland war has worked wonders for our resident clown. Lies, Partygate, Sleaze, Russian donors – all forgiven. His ratings have zoomed up 10 points!! What is wrong with people??? What has he done?? Do they like the costumes?

Don’t they mind that Russia has been calling the shots?? Beyond me! The peasants doff their caps to the Eton boys!!

Meanwhile, Ukraine is being pounded into rubble with hospitals, schools and ambulances targeted and Russian troops are being massacred.

Priti Patel has set up a centre in the Artic to process rapid visa entry for traumatised Ukrainian refugees! She asked them to bring their own wheelbarrows to transport the necessary forms.

Operation Big Dog is working.

In the pandemic that has now morphed into operation Save Big Dog (turd) everybody is pretending that there is no pandemic. It’s over!! Freedom day!! But today the numbers went up to 84,401 new cases with another 142 deaths. Hospital cases are rising as antivaxxers fall ill. Kiss your ventilators dudes!!

I’m fine and don’t have to worry. Not only are we triple vaxxed but we’ve got over a dose!! “We’re immune for a few months!!

Stay safe!! We might be threatened with a nuclear holocaust but our clown is there to defend us. He’ll come up with a world-beating soundbite to send the missiles back to their silos and show us what a tramp looks like in a Haz-Chem suit!!

All’s well!! Bring back Charlie Chaplin!!

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