The Corona Diaries – day 741

This coronavirus certainly hangs around. Even when you are over the worst the symptoms linger. Liz was up a lot last night coughing. It’s left her with a phlegmy chest. I feel pretty much back to normal, a slight cough, some phlegm, the odd sneeze and feeling more tired than normal. One positive thing is that I’m sleeping more and, according to my Fitbit, I’m sleeping deeper.

Today I’ve been storing all the wood that arrived yesterday. With the soaring prices of gas and electricity, due to our dependence on fossil fuels, I’m looking to use the wood burner more.

This government is an arse. They talk about the need for Green energy and insulation and, as with everything else, they do fuck all. At a stroke they could raise building regs to include triple glazed windows, thicker insulated walls, heat pumps, heat retrieval systems, inbuilt solar panels and make our housing stock extra efficient – just like they do in the Scandinavian countries. They’ve built 600,000 new homes with inferior regs. It’s so much easier to build these things in that to try and retrofit them. It would also save people a fortune in bills and pay for itself in no time at all. Usual double standards and lazy thinking.

Indoors I’ve been working on my latest poetry book – TOXIX TIMES – and playing some Doors!! I’ve even found some time to read my Jasper Fforde. Very clever writer.

This afternoon we popped out to Burton Agness to the stately home to see how the 1% live and have a look at some orchids. I’ll put some photos up!

My – how these days are going by. How predictable is life!! This isn’t quite the wild times that I imagined when I was young!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, things are hotting up. Putin’s war in Ukraine is proving much more costly than he ever could have imagined. There has been major resistance, death and attrition. It’s been slow progress with much disaffection among conscripts and complete bogging down of advances. The cost has been enormous and worse is to come. They have taken to barbaric pounding of cities, killing civilians and reducing areas to rubble.

This was supposed to be a liberation!! The Ukranians were Russian brothers!! This is all out war. The attack on the nuclear facility was just madness. But then all of this venture is madness. War is madness. How did he think anything good would come out of it? This war is going badly. Already three of his generals have been killed.

Putin’s aims are oblivious to put a buffer zone between Russia and NATO, to reinvent the USSR and make Russia great again. He’s failing miserably. The actions taken by the world will strangle the Russian economy. The poor display of Russian forces has shown them up for what they are – third rate. The cost is draining the cash he’d put aside for this invasion.

Couple that with the terrible suppression of the Russian people, the propaganda machine and draconian punishment for dissent and you have a nightmare scenario. Repression of this kind may have worked under Stalin but now, with the internet, the Russian people have access to life outside Russia. They can get alternative news and views. No matter how oppressive the Putin regime is they won’t be able to keep a lid on it. They might be fooling the majority of Russians now but as the body bags start flowing home and the cuts and shortages start to bite the dissent will grow. When it reaches a level it will explode.

The future for Putin and his regime looks grim. Their economy is being strangled. I think the West has had enough of Russia’s interference in Western elections, posturing and cyber attacks. They are going to do something about it.

The first thing is to turn off Putin’s cash:

‘The European Commission’s masterplan to escape Putin’s energy grip may involve boosting Europe’s renewable infrastructure and diversifying its gas supply, according to a leaked document seen by EURACTIV.’

Europe is seizing the nettle. It will diversify its energy supply and rapidly increase its green energy. Without the cash coming in from gas and oil Russia will be left high and dry.

These are dangerous times. Putin has already threatened a nuclear response. He is now calling the sanctions being imposed an act of war!

Where is this heading?? World War Three?? A Nuclear Holocaust? Mutual destruction?? A regime change?? A negotiated solution for Ukraine? Further Russian expansion into other former USSR states??

Time will tell!!

I just wish we had a leader who wasn’t a clown and a government that wasn’t awash with Russian money. It doesn’t fill me with confidence!

The fact that we are shouting loudly and doing little is typical. Boris Johnson always makes silly statements about ‘Oven Ready’, ‘World Beating’, ‘Levelling Up’, ‘Care Costs Plan’, ‘£350 million a week’ and other garbage – all of which turn out to be lies and bluster!! The guy is well out of his depth and is nothing more than a greedy little conman.

With all these crises we end up with a leader unfit to manage a pub. A lazy, stupid man.

The only thing worse would be Trump!!

So, in this pandemic that everybody has forgotten about the levels are going up – another 44,800 new cases yesterday with another 110 deaths. Still no sign of scientists, no accurate data and no sign of our leader. He doesn’t like scrutiny or being held to account. He says it and it all magically happens – just like out world-beating apps and Track and Trace. What a moron. If he’s not dressing up he’s in a fridge!!

Stay safe. We might be able to harness the heat from a nuclear exchange so our energy bills go down!!

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – day 741

    1. Yes I am aware. Burning wood is not ideal but we’re not in a city and particulates are not a problem out here in the countryside.

      1. But Opher, the arguments alarmists bombard us with about PM2.5 pollution say that it travels long distances in the air, so even if you emit it in the countryside, it has a good chance (depending on the prevailing wind) of finding its way to a city. Personally, I think this is a bit of an overstatement; and in any case, I’m not convinced that PM2.5 pollution is nearly as big a health issue as it’s made out to be. But it seems to me to be rather hypocritical to expect others to refrain from doing something that brings them a benefit, yet to do it yourself. Just like BoJo with Partygate.

      2. The particles are not going to make their way into any city near us and the prevailing winds are straight out into the North Sea. I can see that in or near a city they might be a problem. Here, they aren’t.

  1. Opher – I wonder whose money will replace the investments made by sanctioned Oligarchs in the world economy and how might this affect the global balance of power? For example, would the world stand by and watch Chinese consortiums expand their business interests? Would U.S, or UAB private equity fill the void? Would investment be permitted by only non-nuclear countries?

    It might be naive to suggest, but if huge swathes of industry and finance remain in private hands after Russia is hobbled, how exactly would the world be better off? Surely we’d still be at the mercy of profit-hungry individuals – acceptable capitalists rather than unacceptable Russian capitalists and Oligarch’s?


    1. I don’t think that those oligarchs are going to affect much. Russia, all told, has an economy on a par with that of Spain. There are huge amounts of money sloshing about.
      China will certainly look to benefit.
      Life for the ordinary folk like us will go on.

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