The Corona Diaries – Day 729

Well I’ve still got covid!! I tested positive last Thursday and am still not right.

the disease continues to morph. My main symptoms now are a slight grogginess, an annoying fatigue and a tickly cough. Last night I was sneezing. None of it is particularly severe – just inconvenient and intrusive.

If anything I am sleeping better than normal.

I am now wondering how long this is going to linger. I have no doubt that the triple vaccination has saved us from a much more severe bout of illness. This has been no worse than a winter cold.

I am now becoming a covid survivor!!

I am hearing of a 4th booster!! But, it seems that this booster is likely to be for those over 75. So I’ll miss out. Not to worry. Having gone down with the virus now I should have another twelve weeks of antibodies to last me into summer. We’ll see what happens then. It’s no good planning too far ahead with this virus.

With our clown in charge anything could happen. We are no longer subject to science; we are subject to populism with a view to keeping Johnson in his job.

Whatever, it’s not going to affect what I do one bit. It will just free the nutters and make things more dangerous.

So, we are now part of an experiment in which variants are to be bred.

Today we have been locked away in our house. I’ve been reading some Murakami (First Person Singular – nowhere near his best), playing Fela Kuti’s infectious beats and writing a little!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Johnson is trying everything he can to gain more popularity ahead of what is going to come.

Free testing is to go. People with Covid can wander around at will.

Is this wise?

Seems to me that there are a number of issues:

What about the vulnerable people? (numbered in millions)

We know Track and Trace has been useless. We won’t miss that. Neither will we miss paying for the grotesquely high salaries being paid.

We know that there are lots of other things (Like the NHS and Education, Youth Services and Police) who need a big boost of funding. I suspect that the Tories won’t fund these. Any money available will go on tax cuts for the wealthy

I think that the Test kits will still be available even if we have to pay for them.

We know that masks and distancing work and it would be wise to retain these while the virus levels are so high.

We know that working from home has proved to be effective and a future hybrid model is likely to inform our future behaviour to everyone’s benefit. Removing all that commuting will save us time, energy and reduce pollution levels. Working from home can be very good for everyone.

Will we ever get back to the normality we had before the pandemic?? I think so.

As for our clown: hardly a day goes by without further sleazy revelations. Through the pandemic it seems that Johnson was offering access for big Tory Donors to both himself and the cabinet. Cash for access – how sleazy can you get??

For me this is much worse than the law-breaking parties of Partygate. We’ve had cash for questions, cash for peerages and here we have cash for lobbying. It’s corrupt. These big wigs who have put millions into the Tory Party give their money for something in return. They’ve been lobbying for tax cuts for the wealthy.

So this is where the money saved from T&T will go!

This country is in a mess. I’m not sure there’s going to be a way of righting the damage these Tories have wreaked.

Stay Safe!! We might survive!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 729

  1. Keep an eye on the grogginess Opher…many report lingering fatigue, as too (for some) a shortness of breath – though nothing of an impediment: your morning constitutional shouldn’t be affected. But, small blessings, at least you retained your sense of taste!

    Very noticeable today when out-n-about, that post BoJo’s announcement on lifting of restrictions, the number of people mask-less, and crowding, was significantly higher. Supermarkets, most shops, hairdresser’s near us still support mask-wearing – as a request – which I was pleased to see. Friends and relatives have mixed feelings about restrictions being lifted. Those more elderly, or with underlying health conditions, are understandably quite anxious, whilst the younger generation are jumping right in without being overly concerned. Personally, I’m going to be cautious for a while yet and wear a mask in indoor crowded places, maintain social distancing (outside of friends and family), and avoid public transport where possible. I’m happy to wait and see how Covid develops first before hanging up the mask.

    So, Putin is pushing forwards towards the precipice: unusually large columns of military vehicles and hardware moved in and through Donetsk. It appears there is no diplomatic solution. Already the US, UK, and EU nations are rushing to apply sanctions. Suggestion is Putin will try, by force, or coercion, to expand the Donetsk to Luhansk region, which will constitute invasion of Ukraine. The treaties Putin signed with the separatist breakaway region permits Russia to build military bases in this area, which is further provocation. I imagine Putin will retaliate against the sanctions with threats to halt gas, fertilizer, and other key Russian exports. As an aside, I was told today – uncorroborated – that during the Ukraine/Russia standoff, Putin has already increased his wealth by £1.6 billion due to gas.

    Agreed, more Tory sleaze and corruption: daily, another peeling back of the illusion that is democracy. It’s open all hours at No.10 for parties and party donors. The clown has been operating a chumocracy! You’re quite right to suggest policy is paid for and advantages the wealthy who donate. Private wealth must be kept out of politics!

    The world is in a mess!


    1. This virus is lingering on!! I have to keep reminding myself that it is very early days – only 6 days since I tested positive. A way to go yet and this is really not that bad; I’m not very ill at all.
      Johnson is a selfish fool who has made mistake after mistake and keeps getting away with it. He uses the psychological ploy of telling people he’s done great enough times until they believe him. Most people don’t look at the real details. He’s an incompetent lying twat!!
      The war has begun. Who knows where this will go!

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