The Corona Diaries – Day 726

This is what I thought I was going to be doing – writing about having covid-19. I didn’t know I was going to have to wait almost two years before I caught it?

We’ve narrowed down the likely place we caught it to the cinema in Beverley when we went to see Belfast.

Picking up from where I was yesterday.

This covid is like a heavy cold for the most part but symptoms do seem to be changing quickly. Yesterday evening found me with a sore throat and cough. It felt like my throat was closing up and I was coughing to bring up a ‘frog in the throat’. It was a little worrying as I could easily imagine that tightening getting worse. Coupled with it was a runny nose. I was uneasy. There was the thought of which way was this going to go. But I had no real temperature and wasn’t feeling too bad. I had this metallic taste and my mouth felt overstimulated.

I woke this morning feeling OK. I still had a runny nose though but the sore throat had subsided. When I got up I soon discovered that I wasn’t quite as fine as I thought I was. My throat came back and I felt a bit groggy.

I took it easy all day – worked on the Beefheart photos, read some Jasper Fforde (very funny and clever), played some Snooks Eaglin, did some cooking and chilled.

Through the day I’ve been drinking a lot of tea (didn’t fancy coffee). I took my Vit C and Vit D. I also took to chewing gum – which I figured would be good for the throat. It worked.

I’m now sitting at my computer, I still have a runny nose, a slight sore throat and feel a little muzzy but if this is as bad as it gets then no sweat!

I’m hoping that this is it and I’m now in recovery! We’ll see! It does go up and down a lot. Liz has a worse cough than me but is feeling OK.

This is covid. I am now a statistic in a pandemic. I’m so glad we both are triple vaccinated. I can see how this could get very nasty very quickly.

So far so good. I’m not counting dodos quite yet! It’ll be good to have got this out the way!

Meanwhile, out in coronaland our clown is out posing. He loves photo ops and Hi-Vis and storms Dudley and Eunice. He’ll probably go back and reopen coal mines, start fracking and prospecting for more North Sea oil so he can stoke up global warming a notch or two and give himself more photo ops – here he is at the floods, here in the drought, here in the freak storm, there in the cold snap. Time of his life.

It’s a shame the nincompoop isn’t anywhere near as good at leading – going on telly and explaining what is the best way forward and why, opening himself up to scrutiny. He doesn’t like scrutiny; it’s closely followed by accountability! He doesn’t do accountability. He likes to hide behind a Hi-Vis jacket and babble like the narcissist he is. He can lie as much as he likes and nobody pulls him up on it!

Levelling up ‘Blah Blah Blah – what do you think to my snazzy Hi-Vis jacket’. ‘£350 million a week for the NHS – blather blather blather – look at me! I got Brexit done!!’ ‘180,000 dead – among the worst in the world – Righto!! Errrr Errrr Errrr I got Covid done!’

It’s like putting a chimp in charge of the zoo!!

The latest distraction from the revelations of his law-breaking Partygate fiasco (from which he is waiting for the official report before deciding if he was there at the party that didn’t exist – probably too sloshed to know!) is to relaunch his war on Woke!! The Tory party don’t like Woke! They like things black and white (not too black obviously – the racist wing wouldn’t like it) – God, Queen, Country and Empire! It’s getting pretty tough for them at the moment – what with there being no god, half the royal family connected with paedophiles, corruption and law-breaking, the government ruling the country breaking all the rules and profiteering away enmeshed in sleaze and corruption and the Empire now seen as the way the ruling class plundered the rest of the world, practised genocide and introduced racism and slavery for profit. They don’t want the truth coming out so they want to label it Woke!!

Well I’m Woke!! I’m alert to injustice and discrimination in society, especially racism. I see the racism in our society, I see the inequality and I see the nasty things our country and empire has done. I see the way this government’s policies have stirred up division and racism in order to become elected. I see the way the plundered gold from our empire went straight into the mansions of the wealthy leaving the working people to live in squalor in slums. I’m Woke. I see Churchill for what he was – a man whose wonderful oratory led us through WW2 (at least he was a real leader) – but also a nasty misogynistic racist whose botched planning killed thousands in Gallipoli. I’m Woke!! I want a country that is much fairer, an end to racism, an end to the monarchy and all the other parasites and apologies for the bad parts of our Empire!! I’m Woke! I don’t like racism, the elite, tax havens, the establishment privilege and entitlement. I want a better country!! I wish more people were Woke!! If I was still running a school I’d make sure that the kids received an unbiased factual history – not some Tory propaganda pretending that everything was hunky-dory, glorifying war and the rights of the aristocracy to steal.

Let’s give back the Elgin Marbles and the rest of the stuff we stole – just keep the stuff we bought honestly!!!

So yesterday, in this pandemic that doesn’t exist, there were another 51,725 new cases with another 183 deaths and not a sign of Johnson talking about it.

Scientists warn of new variants. They might be worse or better, terrible or benign, evading vaccines or not – that’s the thing about mutation; it’s random. It doesn’t go in any particular direction. It just adapts to its environment through a series of small mutations and survival of the fittest.

Stay safe!! The clown is consolidating!!

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