The Corona Diaries – Day 704

The sun shone all day and it feels much warmer. I noticed that all the bulbs were springing up. I stayed in most of the day editing but took a late afternoon walk up my hill. The snowdrops are out. Things felt much jauntier. A grey squirrel ran out in front of me. My kestrel sat on the telegraph pole and flew off as I approached. It’s been a good year for moles judging on the number of molehills.

We’re not even at the end of January. What happened last year was that we had this early warmth and more delicate fruit trees budded early but were caught out by a later frost. We only had three pears last year! I’m hoping for better.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our resident clown is deploying his usual tactics to Partygate:

He’s keeping his head down, hiding in handy fridges

He’s threatening all his MPs and sorting out who chuck under the bus

He is trying to delay things as long as he can so that the heat dies down

He’s created a positive narrative that he has sent his minions out to disseminate to the gullible (he got Brexit done, he defeated Covid, he has made all the right big decisions, Partygate is just a piece of cake, big things to get done – Ukraine, cost of living……. he needs to focus on the big things).

He is hoping that the heat dies down, he can work on the waverers and lie his way out of it.

With such a fickle gullible electorate he may be right.

He might be lazy, careless, incompetent and a blatant liar but when it comes to his own greedy career he’s a ruthless, callous, immoral monster. Never underestimate him. He’s going to throw lots of people under the bus in order to hang on to power.

It seems that the UK is hard on the heels of the USA in becoming a lawless banana republic led by a law-breaking despot who lies for a living, breaks laws and is above the law.

Where is Sue Gray’s report?? Has she been leaned on?? Have they instructed her to delay it?? Have they instructed her to rewrite it??

We are in the unenvious situation of having a ‘leader’ who is known to be a rule and lawbreaking liar but who wriggles his way out of it.

There’s a name for this!!

So, yesterday there were another 102,292 new cases with 346 deaths. We are assured that the peak has passed – doesn’t look like it to me with these numbers going up. But there you go.

There’s nothing political about scrapping Plan B and removing all restrictions. Where is Chris Whitty?? Is he hiding with Johnson??

They have now discovered blood markers so we can tell who is at risk of long covid – they just can’;t do anything about it!!

Anyway, enjoy your freedom. Stay safe!!

12 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 704

  1. Well Opher, the sun didn’t shine all day down here, despite the Met Office’s predictions that it would. In the event, it was foggy until after 2pm.

    I think you’re right about the wildlife relaxing. The little tit with the yellow cap on his head is back. Never seen him earlier than March before. And on the lake, even the white goose is spending less time pleading for bread. The wildlife seem to think it’s going to be a mild winter and an early spring. I hope they’re right.

    As to Johnson, while he needs removing the Tories don’t have many options right now. The Sue Gray situation looks worrying – for him – and interesting for the rest of us.

    And yes, I did enjoy my new-found “freedom” today. Going to Sainsbury’s without a mask! Though that’s hardly freedom in the true sense of the word.

    1. Might be shining here tomorrow as well! Most beautiful sunset too!
      I think Johnson will hang on. Excellent. The more damage he does to the loathsome Tories the better.
      Yes – that’s definitely not freedom. I certainly will still be wearing my mask in shops. It’s not about freedom for me; it’s about not picking up or spreading a virus. In a pandemic we need to be rational.

      1. Well Opher, you have freedom to wear your mask if you want to. But personally, I think people who haven’t yet (knowingly) had the thing should be willing to open up, get the relatively unlethal omicron while it’s there, and get T-cell immunity that way. For me, that’s the only way to deal with the possibility of a worse variant coming along later.

      2. And all the vulnerable who catch it from the opening up? Collateral damage? And the variants that are created by opening up??

      3. Opher, ultimately, the arbiter of how you behave over an issue like this has got to be you. But if you want to restrict other people’s freedoms because you think they are posing too much of a risk to others, you must present an objective case to show the magnitude of the risk, and explain why it is unreasonable. In any ethically decent system, the burden of proof must always be on the side that wants to restrict others. “Innocent until proven guilty,” and all that.

        As to variants being created by opening up, I’ve seen no evidence of that in my wanderings through the data. What I have seen is a propensity for the thing to mutate with a fairly regular period of about six months – the South African figures, in particular, show a strong pattern of this kind.

      4. The risk to others is clearly shown in trials. Mask wearing, distancing and washing hands have all been carefully studied. Unvaccinated people are a danger to other. They can shed far more virus. It’s all simple biology Neil.
        Viruses mutate at a steady rate. If you open up you have more hosts – more virus – more virus more mutation. Again, simple biology.

      5. Opher, my point stands. If you want to restrict other people’s freedoms, the burden of proof must be on you to show that they are creating an unreasonable danger.

        And I don’t think the case for face mask efficacy is nearly as clear-cut as you do. Can you explain how countries such as Iceland and Denmark, which have had low levels of face mask mandates, have done well against the virus? While the French, who have had face masks “Required when with others” continuously since 4th December, have had more than 11 million new cases since that date, against a total of less than 8 million in the almost two years of the epidemic up to that date?

      6. You can’t compare different countries with broad statements about masks. The cultural differences are enormous. The French have a far greater physically intimate contact than the Icelandic and Danish cultures. The way of life has to be looked at. One has to look at the scientific data. Much testing has been carried out and it is conclusive.
        What is undoubtedly true is that the quality and type of mask and its fitting has to be taken into account. Many masks are next to useless.
        The proof is there Neil. Unvaccinated people are bigger spreaders. Unvaccinated people carry a higher virus load,unvaccinated people are filling the ICUs, unvaccinated people are dying in far greater numbers, Unvaccinated people are a breeding ground for mutations. Unvaccinated people are a danger to others.

  2. Opher – For all intents-and-purposes parliament is paused because of the decisions one despicable man and his sycophantic minions made choosing to repeatedly betray the trust of a nation. Drain the swamp!

    I think BoJo was in Wales staying as far away from Westminster as possible. It was merely another smirking photo-opp in high-vis and hard-hat. Cosplay. The clown has delayed maturity.

    I see the DWP are going after those claiming benefit again whilst simultaneously refusing to release a commissioned report covering the effectiveness of sanctions on claimants. Obviously, the DWP can’t support their decision to rob more people of their full entitlement with evidence that it doesn’t. So it seems it’s fine for Tory’s to provide what is effectively a will-fare-well state for millionaire cronies but not provide for those in real hardship with real needs. This is the way Tory’s level-up.

    Gray’s report – no doubt delayed by government lawyers and redactors – is the key evidence people deserve to see but, regardless of its content, the public have already made-up their own minds about the clown’s guilt and lying pathology. What we also want to see is who else gets singled-out for special mention in her report?

    BoJo is to make a statement after the report is released. I do hope the media get to see a full, unedited copy before he attempts to lie at the podium.

    Interesting article in the Guardian with ‘experts’ suggesting the lifting of Covid restrictions in England while 3 billion remain unvaccinated is reckless…new variants likely to emerge as a result. Worth a read (1)

    I see John Lewis and Sainsburys are supporting mask-wearing in their stores. I hope other retailers follow their lead. Every little bit of cleaner air helps!


    (1) –

    1. It’s a right old mess isn’t it? A law-breaking Prime Minister being investigated by the police, reports held up, a raft of other criminal issues still to come. Any normal person with a shred of morality would have resigned so that the country can deal with the important issues. Smirking away in a Hi-Vis top while avoiding questions is the work of a coward.
      That guy is callous and calculated. He’ll ruin the country before doing the honourable thing.
      Yes the Tories are at it again. Target the poor for pennies rather than the rich for millions.
      I’ll be wearing my mask!!

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