The Corona Diaries – Day 692

Icy and foggy here in Yorkshire – not pleasant at all! Apart from going out for the paper, I stayed in. I’ve finished my room and been editing my Beefheart book. All good.

It’s been great playing some North Mississippi Allstars today. Great stuff.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our shambling leader is doing exactly what he always does in a crisis – he disappears!!

First we had paternity leave! Now, I’m all in favour of paternity leave – but when it comes to leading a country through a number of crises (mostly self-inflicted) I don’t think it’s appropriate. He needs to bloody lead!

It’s a bit like Wellington at the battle of Waterloo deciding to nip off for an hour or two because he was due a tea break.

We had hardly got him back when he was assailed with more lies, law-breaking and illegal parties. His response?? He goes off for another week on Covid isolation!

All very bloody convenient. Is there something stopping him speaking from Number 10?

This guy loves the limelight when there’s something daft to do so that he can show off and garble some schoolboy Latin. He doesn’t like being put on the spot or having to explain anything – mainly because he either puts his foot in it or doesn’t have a clue. He just makes things up.

I was completely boggled by the idiocy of some of the public who were saying how much they like him and forgive him for his little mistakes. They seem to think that he delivers and cite Brexit and Covid!!

I mean!! Come on!! The fool has negotiated a disastrous Brexit deal that has crippled the country with rising costs, shortages, a damaged GDP and a mountain of red tape. Can’t the idiots see that??

The shambling imbecile has racked up among the highest numbers of deaths from covid in the world!! He’s been too slow, too fast or dithered. He’s ignored experts, broken the law, lied, given sleazy contracts to his mates and behaved like a complete cretin. Leadership?? We’ve had either absences or bumbling confusion. What planet are those fools on??

Sometimes the blatant stupidity is lrisible. Sue Gray is a Civil is a civil servant working for the government. She has been appointed to investigate PartyGate. She will report to Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson will then decide whether he’s guilty of any wrong-doing and tell us what his conclusion is. He will then decide what to do with himself.

I dunno?? Am I being stupid? Do we allow other criminals to appoint their own judges, review the judgement, decide it they’ve committed a crime and, in the unlikely event that they find themselves guilty, decide the punishment?

Something seems very wrong with the system.

It doesn’t take much of an investigation to work out that there was a culture of law breaking parties that came from the top and that he’s admitted attending!!


As Labour surge into the lead and all those Tory MPs start eyeing up a future on the dole, I think that their thinking might coalesce around a solution – dump the chump and put somebody in who at least has a brain. Up until now, they have known that he is an inept bumbler but he has been popular and won them an election. He is no longer popular. He’s a liability. Kryptonite to the Tory Party. His lack of discipline, inability to master detail, and tendency to make it up as he goes along (saying the first thing that comes into his head) has created a culture in government that rules don’t matter and everyone can do as they want. Lies rule.

It’s dire.

The drip-feed of revelations about his lawlessness, lies and incompetence continue to poison politics.

He’s made a mockery of Britain.

Just as Trump has diminished the USA Johnson has diminished Britain. We’re a laughing stock with a bumbling scarecrow as our elected leader!!

We now have an image of paedophilic Royalty and profiteering, law-breaking sleazy government. We’re fast becoming a banana republic.

At least the polls put Labour 10 points ahead. Let’s hope that grows and Starmer straightens things out. He’s not my greatest choice but then I’d vote for a sewer rat rather than any of those arrogant corrupt Tories. Nothing could possibly be worse!

So yesterday there were 81,793 new cases (though as there are no tests available I don’t know how they work that out) with 287 more deaths.

There’s no doubt that the worst seems to be over (or is there?) and that the Omicron is nowhere near as bad.

Parliament meet next week to discuss it. What’s the betting that Johnson will remove all restrictions in order to court popularity? Forget science – this is politics and Johnson’s hide! (Hide being an appropriate word in his case – he does a lot of it – a fridge on one occasion!)

Stay safe!! We’re in the hands of nincompoops!!

5 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 692

  1. I can’t disagree with much here Opher, you seem to have covered all the bases in an outpouring of sheer frustration. I can certainly understand why. The whole pantomime that is Boris Johnson is No.10, and both are Partygate! It’s abysmal, despairing, offending, and an insult to the public’s intelligence. Gray’s report will be published late next week – she must have a substantial body of evidence by now! – but it wouldn’t surprise me if decisions are already being made behind closed doors as to exactly what happens next.

    I recall mention in one of the newspapers that scientists are predicting a fresh wave of Omicron cases in this year as people resume social activities and immunity wanes. Daily case numbers were between 1000 – 4000 per day.

    Off topic, but tangible, and for interest if you’ve got a spare twenty minutes. This an article in the Guardian reflecting on Dominic Cummings blog, and what there is in the content to suggest at his inner nature. Like him or loathe him, he is a very unique character (1)

    Catch ya later,


    (1) –

    1. Johnson and all he’s done is certainly an insult to me and a disaster for the country. These past twelve years of Tory rule have devastated public services, made the rich incredibly richer and put millions into poverty – yet so many people still think they’ve done a good job. Utterly beyond me!!
      Sue is going to produce a greywash!!

      1. Totally agree! (loved the pun!)

        Gray has a conflict of interest because she is investigating senior figures in government. Partygate is too big for a civil servant to unpick. Her report will focus only on the facts, not seek to proportion blame, or make a ruling regarding law-breaking. Such scrutiny is for the MET to consider. Undoubtedly, the MET should take over the investigation and respond to Partygate.

        I’ve seen it said by lawyers quoted in the media that Gray’s report would unlikely suffice the requirements in any legal setting. Enough said.


      2. I’m not holding my breath for any report from Sue Gray. It’ll be a cover-up. I think we all know that. As for the MET?? I bet they keep out of it. My hope is that the damage continues and the Tories sink despite all their lies and propaganda.

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