The Corona Diaries – Day 690

Bright sunshine, blue skies and a temperature of 8 degrees. Not bad. I can handle winter if it’s always like this!

I’ve been working on my room – painting, putting up posters. I’ve still got a bit to do. This renovation is time-consuming.

I’m about to get stuck into some editing shortly.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland things are getting interesting. Our Clown In Chief and his band of profiteers are falling out big time. The public seems to be waking up to the way this arrogant bunch have been taking them for a ride.

The Teflon has worn off.

The lies, sleaze and corruption have become visible. People really don’t like being taken for fools. They’ve put up with an incessant stream of lies. They’ve tolerated the sleaze. They’ve even turned a blind eye to cronyism and profiteering. I don’t know why. It’s been appalling.

This bunch have the moral integrity of Pol Pot.

It’s been so incredibly blatant. I don’t know why people didn’t see it before. Boris Johnson has always been a lying nincompoop. He’s been thrown out of jobs for lying; he’s made a mess of everything he’s done. The wonder is that people still employ him, elect him and believe that he’s a jolly good fellow. He’s really a nasty, conniving chancer who is too lazy to pay any attention to detail, can’t be asked to do the job properly and simply makes it up as he goes along.

This cross between Billy Bunter, Wurzel Gummidge and Machiavelli has got away with incompetence and self-serving lies for far too long.

No doubt he has been used by the ERG bunch of extremist nationalists, the most right-wing bunch of unpleasant profiteers ever. They wanted his charisma and lies to sell their squalid vision, to tart it up, spin it and make it look palatable.

It got them elected. Once in they set about ousting anybody with a shred of integrity – the likes of Rory Stewart, Kenneth Clark, Michael Heseltine, Philip Hammond. God, it shows how extreme they are when they make Michael Heseltine seem like the voice of reason!!

Since then they’ve been busy setting about their unpleasant work – cutting the public sector, hammering the poor, profiting from Covid and Brexit and looking after their chums. It’s been cynical.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The fabric of the country decays. Council services rot away. No more youth services, library cuts, support services are gone. Cuts to police, army, education and selling off chunks of the NHS.

It’s scandalous – anything for a fast buck!

Their performance with Covid was one of the worst in the whole world.

They pushed through the hardest Brexit, despite the damage it would do, and negotiated it so badly that the country is terribly damaged.

They are utterly incompetent!!

Maybe now it will all come out in the wash. I’m not holding my breath. These guys control the media. They pump out the propaganda and control thoughts.

I’m enjoying the chaos. Boris Johnson wants us to believe that he thought a party in his garden with booze and nibbles was a business meeting. Shows what sort of business meetings he’s used to. It’s insulting. He is such a lying git.

There is turmoil. Half the Tories want him to resign. The other half are cynically backing him. The Tories are diving in the polls!! Ha Ha. Rees-Mogg accuses Scottish Tory leader of being lightweight!! They are tearing themselves apart. The knives are out!! Let there be fury, blood (metaphorically) and battle!!

What a nasty bunch of self-serving incompetents!! We’ll be well rid!!

So, yesterday there were another 129,587 new cases. It’s coming down! But there were 398 more deaths – it’s going up!!

For political reasons they cut isolation to 5 days. France wants us back (They’re in as big a mess as us).

A judge rules that the VIP Lane PPE contract awards were criminal. I wait to see if the whole cabinet will now be packed off to Strangeways where they belong. Isn’t that what happens to criminal wrongdoers?? But oh, yes, Tory MPs are above the law. The law is just for us!!

Stay safe!!

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