Poetry – It’s an Election!

It’s an Election!

Bribes and lies,

Insults and abuse;

It’s an election!

Tory media

Up in arms;

It’s an election!

Wealthy donors

Chipping in;

It’s an election!

Forget the truth,

Forget the past;

It’s an election!

Study the history,

Between the lines.

It’s an election!

Don’t fall for it!

See through it!

It’s an election!

Opher – 20.11.2019

The Tories think we’re stupid. They’ve been robbing the poor to give to the rich for a decade! Now they are telling us they are ‘One Nation Tories’. They tell us austerity is at an end. They say they’ll start to fund the public services when they have been robbing from for years!

They really believe that we don’t see through their bribes. They think we are stupid. The trouble is that some of us are!

The fog of Brexit has hidden the disaster. It is a ploy!

This is an election. Once they’ve got it out the way they will go back to looking after the wealthy; what they were formed to do!

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