Are we approaching the end of the USA as a major global power??

Is America about to eat itself up? Are we on the verge of it destroying itself in a self-destructive civil war based on division, hate and conspiracy??

Looks like a possibility to me.

That’s what many of my American friends are reporting.

The Republican Party has been taken over by Trumpist authoritarian fascists who want power by any means. They are currently putting in the way to gain power unfairly. They are using all means possible – by excluding the votes of democrats and rigging the polls and by putting in place officials who will call it for them whatever the true vote.

Trump has put this in motion by contesting the election and claiming he was robbed when it is manifestly clear that he lost by some margin.

What will happen next time? Will this descend into a bloodbath? A Civil War that will destroy America as a global power? Or will it result in an authoritarian fascist government?

Either result is just as frightening.

This is a section from a Guardian article from yesterday.

‘Although most Americans have grown up taking its stable democracy for granted, this is also a society where violence is the norm, not the exception, from the genocide of Native Americans to slavery, from the civil war to four presidential assassinations, from gun violence that takes 40,000 lives a year to a military-industrial complex that has killed millions overseas.’

Is America going to eat itself up on a wave of fury born of ignorance, stupidity, lies and political conniving??

It started with the ludicrous extremism of the Tea Party – which, from here, appeared so extreme and silly that it was a joke. Except it wasn’t a joke. Half the population actually believe that silliness.

In a land run on ignorance, religious fanaticism and the rule of mobs, violence and guns, anything could happen. It’s a powder keg waiting for a spark and Trump, for his own ends, could just be the psychopathic nutcase willing to apply that spark.

If the USA implodes what does that leave in its wake? The rise of China? Russia or perhaps the EU?

Is there anybody who could stand up for global fairness and democracy? Is the whole world going to be thrown into a totalitarian nightmare? Perhaps even a massive truly global world war?

I don’t remember anything in my life being quite as dangerous as this.

What has Trump unleashed?

What is going on in the minds of the GOP?? Have they gone insane? Can’t they see the terrible outcomes from the paths they are taking?

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