The Corona Diaries – Day 685

It’s a bit warmer here in Yorkshire!! There was a huge explosion of birdsong as all the frozen notes thawed. Although it is warmer it is not warm. I’m still wearing most of the clothes I possess.

I’ve spent another day putting up shelves. It gets wearying.

I’ve just got one thing left to do and that is to put up pictures. Maybe tomorrow.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown in chief is trying to mend fences. He’s had a haircut and a make-over in an attempt to stop him looking like Wurzel Gummidge. Can’t see that lasting. He’s intrinsically a shambling wreck. But he’ll try. He’s not going to be able to do too much. His time’s up. It’s been like that in every one of his jobs. It takes a while for people to see that he’s not only useless but a positive liability! He’s incapable of learning the facts, makes off-the-cuff statements, doesn’t care about the truth and makes things up. Nothing ever goes right.

What he is hoping is that people forget the lies, sleaze and ineptitude. We’ll see. I can’t underestimate the stupidity of people. We’ve seen that in the USA. They believe the world is flat and vote for Trump despite everything. Unbelievable. But then millions of Germans voted for Hitler. Millions of Britons still think Johnson is doing OK. People just don’t seem to see the reality of what these populists are up to.

So yesterday there were another 178,250 new cases with another 229 deaths. That takes us up to over 150,000 deaths. And there are still people claiming that the pandemic is a hoax. Ha Ha. You have to laugh. Conspiracy theories really do make idiots of people.

Then we have Novaxx Jokeaboutit who thinks they should make up different rules for him because he’s rich and famous. There are repercussions for not being vaccinated. Not travelling or being allowed into indoor places should be some of them.

The science says that vaccinated people can still get ill and can still pass on the virus but they don’t get anywhere near as ill and they are less contagious and for less time.

I don’t want to be indoors with unvaccinated people!!

Hospital entries are going up sharply, they’ve risen 75% in the last week.

Johnson is gambling. All decisions are now political. They’ve probably banished all scientists. I reckon Johnson has Trump on call! ‘Do we use bleach??’

Johnson is taking a huge gamble in order to regain some popularity and stop himself being kicked out by his backbenchers. He reckons that keeping the country open will make him popular.

So what is Johnson’s policy? He’s going for Herd Immunity coupled with mass vaccination.

Will it work??

We don’t know. It depends on three things: Will the NHS be overwhelmed? Will the death rate become too high? Will staff absences due to covid paralyse the country and make everything unsafe?

We’ll see. It’s looking very dicey at the moment. Cases are ridiculously high, hospitals are becoming swamped and there are huge numbers of people either with covid or isolating because they’ve been in contact with someone who has.

The policy still is to let the virus rip.

This is on the edge and could all go horribly wrong.

Is he following scientific advice??

No way. They’ve been calling for more stringent restrictions for a month or more.

Johnson is a risk-taker and a gambler. He’s gambling with peoples’ health and life. Not his though. You can be sure he’d get maximum treatment – just like Trump did and he did last time.

So what does the future hold??

Looks like Covid is now endemic and we will have to live with it. That’ll mean allowing everyone to get it and just looking after the weak and vulnerable.

Stay Safe!! The Clown is fumbling around!!

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