The Corona Diaries – Day 673

It’s been a strange day in the aftermath of Christmas. A lull before New Year.

I’ve been working on my study, sorting out shelves, CDs and posters. It’s getting there!!

The weather has turned milder. We went for a walk up my hill this afternoon. The low afternoon sun broke through to bathe the fields with bright orange light so they glowed bright green. A copse of skeleton trees was caught in the glow against a backdrop of heavy purple clouds. It looked amazing. I just wished I had my camera. Warmed the spirit!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our lying clown’s popularity is diving to unprecedented levels and the Tories are falling well behind. Our scarecrow is going for a populist mode of operation and ignoring the science. He is hoping that people will like the fact that he’s not bringing in more restrictions despite what Wales, Ireland and Scotland are all doing and what the scientists are asking for.

If it wins votes ignore the science – while saying, of course, that you are following the science.

That’s been the whole policy throughout – lie!! Ignore, shut down too late, open up too early, ignore the experts, then claim you are following the science. What a bunch of tossers!!

So, enjoy your Christmas get-togethers and New Year’s parties. We’ll no doubt pick up the tab further down the line. I’ve certainly been limiting my contacts. But then I’m a biologist. I understand what’s going on.

Yesterday there were either 98,515 new cases or 319,000 new cases (probably a lot more than that) depending what site you are looking at. I had to do a double-take on the 319,000. That surely can’t be right can it?? If it is then we are in big trouble.

The hospital cases increased by 500 but there is a lag between catching it and becoming very ill. Give it a week and we’ll see the effects of Christmas. Give it another week and we’ll see the effects of New Year.

Johnson’s populist policies are going to kill a lot of people!! Christmas Day had another record!!!

In the USA the death toll crossed 800,000 – heading for a million – in the pandemic that some idiots think isn’t real. How many hundreds of thousands have Trump and the Republican idiots killed now??

Give me science over internet crackpots and self-serving politicians any day!!

America is heading back to the Dark Ages!!

Stay Safe – We’re not far behind!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 673

  1. Opher, the 319,000 figure is “the truth, but not the whole truth.” When I got the figures for 25DEC-27DEC from Worldometers, I rounded them to 113.2K, 107.5K and 98.5K. Which sum to 319.2K. Your alarmist source obviously neglected to tell you that the figure was for three days of data, not one!

      1. Yup, I was right when I said in my rant that the apparent downturn over those three days wasn’t real. But because of the reporting cycle, you can’t really make any judgements without first smoothing the data weekly.

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