The Corona Diaries – Day 368

It’s still cold and wet here in Yorkshire so I set about carpentry!! I never was much good at carpentry but I’m getting better. It’s all about attention to detail and being precise. I think that in the past I’ve tended to rush things! So, I’m building another set of shelves for CDs. I’ve bought the wood, the screws and brackets. What can possibly go wrong??

We’ll see.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland I’m watching with some glee as the Tory Party descend into the cesspit of their own making. Johnson’s personal ratings are dire! That’s what happens when you’re a celebrity and you are found to be a lying rat. Boris is now synonymous with sleaze and lies. Makes me laugh when I hear them chanting in the world darts championship – ‘STAND UP IF YOU HATE BORIS’. They are even chanting in football stadia ‘Boris is a C**T!’

That’s some turnaround. These are the people who elected him; who thought he was a funny guy. They now think he’s a lying sleazebag. Rightly so. He is.

Of course, as we’ve seen throughout his time, Johnson is nowhere to be seen. He’s keeping his head down in the hopes that it will all blow over. It has in the past. I’m not sure it will this time though. I think his bubble has burst. People have seen through him – empty promises, loudmouth crap, slogans and headlines – no substance, no idea.

I wonder if he gave Carrie an injection or two to induce labour so he had an excuse to keep out of the limelight?? Ha Ha!! Wouldn’t surprise me. He’d do anything to cling on to power.

He certainly isn’t a leader. We don’t see him out there setting examples, leading from the front. It’s all bluster and soundbites. A party-loving, vacuous nincompoop. He can’t speak without an autocue – a bumbling fool – Peppa Pig’s got more about her!!

He thinks that by tousling his hair he can appeal to the Labour voters and be down with the people. He’s just a twat. When you see him with other world leaders he looks like a shambling wreck with as much clout and decorum as a scarecrow washed adrift in a sewage farm.

The whole world is either laughing or aghast. They see the decline of a once important country. He symbolises decay. This is what we have become – from Churchill (The scum that he was) to Worzel Gummidge.

Like Trump and Bolsonaro, I think the world has had enough of these populist, extreme right-wing twats. It’s time we went back to some compassion and care and sorted problems out instead of creating them.

Above all we want fairness and competence.

With Johnson, Trump, Bolsonaro and the rest, we get a diet of nonstop lies, fake news, conspiracy, division and incompetence.

According to these twats there is no global warming, no environmental catastrophe, scientists and experts are useless and covid is a conspiracy.

I think that if there is one thing that has come out of all this it’s that science and experts know what they are doing and Johnson and Trump haven’t got a clue!!

So, yesterday there were 119,789 new cases (though the official site says a lot less) with 147 more deaths. Another record!! The real figure could be a lot higher as many people are not testing and a lot are asymptomatic.

Should we be worried??

I’m not. Being triple vaccinated should give me immunity.

This is the highest it’s ever been but never-the-less I’m beginning to see a glimmer of hope. We could be out of this soon.

We have new antiviral pills appearing. We have new vaccines that are effective against all variants. The Omicron variant looks, from early analysis, as if it’s 50% less nasty. It spreads quick but doesn’t make you as ill.

If the Omicron provides immunity for other variants we could be in a game-changer.

However, in the short-term we still might have a crisis – a tiny percentage of a very large number is still a lot of people. The NHS could still be in trouble.

Time will tell.

Stay safe!! We might be allowed out to play soon!!

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