Poetry – A Limerick for Johnson

A Limerick for Johnson

There was a public school matron

Who had Johnson for a patron

She fed him with pies

And in front of her eyes

He buggered the fate of our nation.

It was Dave Kingsbury who set me off writing limericks. I suggested that Johnson was a caricature of Billy Bunter.

These devious public school Bullingdon boys – like Cameron, Osborne and Johnson – come from privileged backgrounds, think they can do anything they want, cream off huge wealth for themselves and their chums, and are completely destroying the country in the process.

‘We’re all in it together’ they chortle as they stash millions away in the bank! While the rest of us suffer a generation of austerity!

Cameron and Osborne’s inept Brexit referendum has ruined the country. It has cost us countless billions, divided the nation in hatred, caused a huge rise in hate crime, knife crime and violence, and will affect the whole future of the nation.

Johnson is an inept blustering buffoon who is every bit as bad a Trump.

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