Poetry – A Limerick for Rees-Mogg

A Limerick for Rees-Mogg

There was a rich man who talked fruity

While lining his pockets with booty.

He sprawled on his seat,

Disdaining defeat,

A caricature of Lord Snooty.

These extremely wealthy people in their expensive suits think that because they have good manners and talk with a plum in their mouth they can get away with murder.

He is pushing the most extreme form of Brexit on us ordinary people knowing that it will greatly benefit him financially even if it buggers our economy and throws hundreds of thousands on the dole.

He tells us that it will be good for the country while taking his companies abroad so they don’t suffer the slump.

He will make millions out of Brexit. But that is typical. He makes a living out of exploiting others. Behind the manners lies an arrogant toff who believes he has the right to rip us all off.

I think the image of him sprawling across the benches contemptuously like a surly schoolboy will live in my memory for ever.

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