The Corona Diaries – Day 629

It felt quite warm today as I walked up my hill in the Yorkshire sunshine. A westerly breeze drifted past, the leaves were mushy brown slush under my feet but the sun felt quite warm on my face. Not much to see – the odd crow, seagull and blackbird clucking.

We’re heading for the shortest day – the winter solstice. A week to go – then the days start drawing out (even though we’ve got the cold days of winter to contend with.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown is tumbling in the polls and looking toward the winter recess to allow people to forget. I’m not sure it’ll work. Can you put a bubble back together once it’s burst?? He’s now got a reputation for lies, incompetence and being disingenuous. All his big promises are seen to be empty bluster. The man’s a chancer. Big rebellion among backbenchers and a by-election to get through. He’s in for a rough ride. Already the letters are going in and the knives are out. If they lose the by-election I reckon he’ll be gone. He’s looking more of a shambles every day.

We’ll see.

So who is lined up?? I’d love to see Rees-Mogg in power. That would be the end of the Tory Party altogether. Same with that moron Liz Truss. But it’ll probably go to Rishi Sunak. They are lining him up and he’s a ‘man of the people’. The British public know their place. They will vote for a billionaire to represent them. He understands them – knows all about poverty – after all – he’s created enough!

Aaaah!!! Democracy!! Who would believe that it would be so easy to get the people to vote for their masters!!

So, yesterday according to the government site it was 53,953 new cases with another 38 deaths. According to The Guardian it was 59,610 new cases with 150 deaths. Quite a big difference.

But surely the government wouldn’t lie to us????

In Parlaiment they are discussing restrictions to deal with the rising cases and the Omicron variant. Who would have believed that a pandemic could create such politicisation!

Snootysnotforbrains from Barkingmadshire says he is refusing to wash his hands on principle. Washing is an invasion of his rights. He doesn’t need to. You can’t trust experts. Nobody in his family have washed their hands for centuries and it’s never done them any harm – apart from the odd case of food poisoning, botulism, anthrax, salmonella, diphtheria, cholera and plague – but you can pick that stuff up from any source!!

Lord Lonelybraincell from Roundthetwist says that the only mask he needs is the visor on his suit of armour. Besides, thinning out the peasants is a perfectly good idea. That’s why we have wars. In the absence of wars, a virus will do!

In the meantime, I will ignore what they all say, use my biological knowledge, avoid meeting indoors, wear a mask if I have to go in shops, wash my hands and distance myself from other people until such time as this pandemic is over. I will avail myself of every vaccination going and use science to guide what I do rather than stupid people on the internet or politicians trying to get votes.

I have allergies!!!

I am allergic to ventilators and hospitals and I’m none too keen on becoming extremely ill or dying!!

Stay safe!! The clown has had his day – it’s time to clean up the mess he’s left!!

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