The Corona Diaries – Day 624

A cold sunny day in Yorkshire. I’ve been to my writing group and working on the major reworking of my room. It’s amazing what you find when you delve through all the detritus that has accumulated in various drawers!! Old posters of Roy Harper, Nick Harper and assorted bands that I went to, a great wad of old CND postcards, loads of VHS tapes of live music, hundreds of C90 tapes of live music, hundreds of CDs and DVDs of live music, letters, cards and some of my old artwork.

The next question is what to do with all this stuff.

Collectors of the world unite!! I reckon I’m going to have to sell some of this stuff. I don’t like to part with it though.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the charade continues. Our clown is still pretending that he knew nothing of the party that didn’t happen in his own house – the one that they did the practice denial of and found very funny. There turns out to be another two!!

Rules, to Tories, are for other people! They love their liberty – it’s just everybody elses’ that they don’t like. They adore bringing in draconian laws and locking people up for breaking those rules but they don’t have to abide by them.

So we take away passports and driving licences from all those all parties shoving coke up their noses but it was perfectly alright for Johnson to sniff his head off.

We are all meant to be locked down and not see anyone but if we have family around we get a visit from the cops and end up in court.

Why is it that these ‘freedom-loving’ people don’t really like real freedom??? They are great on freedom for themselves but on their terms and for themselves – other peoples’ freedom has to be severely curtailed with hefty sentences for anyone who does not conform to their own vision of what is right. It’s the same the world over – Trumpists like to have their guns and threaten other people. If you don’t agree with their views then you are in for some aggressive confrontation. It’s so incredibly conformist and conservative.

As for me – I’m incredibly intolerant. I’m intolerant of racism, violence, intimidation, bullying, unfairness, injustice, misogyny, cruelty and any damage to nature. That’s why I despise Tories and Republicans. I despise elitism, arrogance, privilege and entitlement. I want a fairer, liberal society.

Our clown is accused of trying to deflect away from his problems with illegal parties and sleaze by bringing forward Plan B and starting a war on drugs that he hopes will be popular.

But the more he wriggles and lies the worse things get. He’s been caught out lying about the refurbishment payments for his flat. He claimed he did not know the donor but had sent emails!! The Tories were fined for breaking rules!! What a surprise!! Then the number of parties is multiplying by the day. The police are looking into three now!!

Do you think the police will prosecute??? Do you think Paymaster General Michael Ellis will really investigate?? Or is it going to be a whitewash!!

so, we have Sleazegate







What an extraordinary set of corruption, entitlement and ineptitude.

Yesterday there were 50,617 new cases with 161 more deaths. Omicron is taking off with another 249 more cases taking it up to 817.

They are talking about a million cases by Xmas.

The one bit of good news is that less than a third of those in South Africa infected with Omicron are becoming severely ill. This variant appears to be much more transmissible but maybe less severe.

Stay Safe!! The clown might be in his death-throes!!

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