The Corona Diaries – Day 610

It’s very cold today but the sun was shining. There was a frost this morning.

I walked up my hill stood at the top and looked over at the sea. All was quiet and peaceful and the chequered countryside looked green and beautiful. I could not help wondering how the birds manage to survive the cold winters.

Back home I have been playing some Beverly brothers and writing my Captain Beefheart book. I have very nearly completed the first draft! 220 pages!! All brilliant of course!! The hard part of editing comes next!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the Tory Party is tightening their grip. They might be behind in the polls now but they are busy tightening their grip over the media. They are threatening the future of the BBC and Channel 4. They are loading them with Tories, threatening their funding, accusing them of having left-wing bias for questioning Tory policy (incredible as nobody from the government will ever go near for fear of being questioned) and looking to take control of their output.

One of the prime functions of the media in a free democracy is its ability to challenge the government and hold their policies to the light. If nobody is free to challenge and scrutinize then we have a propaganda machine just like in China and Russia. That’s where we are heading with Johnson.

Nadine Dorries, not only made a fool of herself by not knowing how Channel 4 was funded but has also revealed what they are up to.

Behind this charade of deliberately ruffled hair, shambling untidiness and buffoonery lies an incompetent clown who, nonetheless knows how to use every lying trick to get elected. He’s a populist snake oil salesman. I just hope he’s running out of snake oil – at least before the country is completely sold off to Tory elites. It might already be too late to save the NHS. The creeping privatisation is firmly entrenched. Anything a Tory can make money from they’ll sell and to hell with the future or the people. Life’s all about being rich and powerful; nothing else matters. Morality??? A mask – nothing more!! They have no morality.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our leadership remains nil!! Yet the rate is rising rapidly. We shot up to 47,240 new cases yesterday with 147 deaths. That’s not a good trend! Christmas is coming. Travel and mixing are on the menu. We hit 10 million cases yesterday!!

The USA is doing worse than us though. The Trumpist antivaxxers are setting the wrong tone. Only 1 in 10 Americans have had their boosters. There were an incredible 607,000 new cases in the last week with another 7,970 deaths!! That’s a hell of a lot!! With any luck all the Trumpists will have died before the next election!!

Hey Trumpists – put your actions where your mouth is – get yourself along to a covid party! Check out whether bleach will keep you safe. So much for antivaxing.

America is becoming like the Dark Ages all over again – a descent into superstition fed by the internet and populist stupidity. Whatever happened to science, intelligence and rationality?? Or will their guns ward off the virus?? Ignorance and stupidity rules!!

Out in Botswana and South Africa there is a real worry. They have discovered a variant with 32 spike mutations. They think it might well evade the vaccines. That would put us back to square one!!

No doubt Johnson will do what he did with the Indian variant and wave in hundreds of full planeloads of people fleeing Africa bringing the virus. He’s probably desperate for a trade deal with Botswana. He can’t seem to get any of his oven-ready deals anywhere else. What’s a few hundred thousand deaths and a year or two more in lockdown if there’s money to be made (for Tories that is)??

All we need is a lethal new variant!! Wipe out mankind and let the planet start again!! It’s for the best!!

Germany has just recorded 100,000 deaths!! Ha ha. They’ve got a long way to go to catch us up!! Our 145,000 deaths is like winning 3-2. Sorry – that’s in poor taste. I’m being tainted by Tory thinking and the Daily Mail. I need to control myself.

So, when the WHO calls for Europe to consider mandatory vaccination (to keep on top of the virus and reduce more variants) we are blithely going forward to Christmas as if nothing is happening.

The Novax vaccine is looking likely to be approved. Maybe that will be effective against the Botswana variant???

Stay safe!! We’re all part of a Tory experiment!! Enjoy!!

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