The Corona Diaries – Day 597

It’s turned really cold!! I don’t like cold!

I’ve stayed in writing my Captain Beefheart book. This afternoon a couple of friends came round. Good to have a near-normal social situation!!

It was good to play a bit of Led Zeppelin too!! Blows out the cobwebs!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the Tories are going into a dive as the population starts to wake up to what a disaster they are. Johnson’s sleazy ways may just catch up with him. Unbelievable that he’s lasted this long really!! They’ve got Rishi, the billionaire superbly, sitting in the wings waiting his time.

Labour have got Andy Burnham warming up!!

Over in the States it’s looking dire. The Republicans have ceased to exist. In their stead are a bunch of populist Trumpists so extreme they think that lynching should be brought back. I fear for the future. America has got nuts.

But then we’re not any better. Our own populist Billy Bunter is just as bad. He appears like a hapless clown and is totally incompetent but that hasn’t stopped him from cynically playing the game to ensure that the Tories get elected again. He’s loading the BBC and other institutions with Tories. It’s scary.

What a world we live in where intelligence counts for nothing, where people are so easy to manipulate and control, where parties like the Tories and Republicans, based on naked greed and elitism are voted for by those with nothing. It beggars belief.

So yesterday there were another 42,401 new cases with another 195 deaths. The narrative is that the rate is coming down. But I can’t see that. This has been at the same level for ages now. We’re quite happy with a thousand and a half deaths a week!! Nobody is blaming Johnson so that’s alright.

They say how well we’ve done at vaccination but we’re really lagging now. Just 67% of our population is fully vaccinated. Portugal has 88%. Spain has 80%.

There is a steep rise in covid in Europe among countries whose vaccination levels are below 80%. Austria is worst. It only has a 63% vaccination level. Germany, with 67% vaccinated, the same as us, and the Netherlands with 73% are all zooming up.

It seems that you need around 80% to give a population some herd immunity. We are looking to do it through people becoming ill.

Not what I want. My booster is tomorrow!!

Stay safe!!!

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