Poetry – Billy Bunter is in charge

Billy Bunter is in charge

The shambling boy-child,

Like an overgrown Billy Bunter,

Stuffing his face,

As the chancer becomes a punter.

He has blustered and blundered

His way through the door,

With tax cuts for the rich

And ‘who cares about the poor?’

Leaving with no deal

On a ramshackle course

With no intellectual rigour

An Eeyore for the workforce.

He’s the toxic new PM

Selling the country down the drain;

A jester and an air-head.

Ain’t it all a bleeding shame!

Opher – 22.7.2019

The Public schoolboy under the thrall of fascism is taking his populism to the country. Trump-light takes up the reins as the hard right pull the strings.

All he cares about is power

Lazy, fat and blundering, the dishevelled mess is now the face of Britain. The blustering moron is now running the show.

What a mess we are in.

What does the world think of us?

I'd like to hear from you...

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