The Corona Diaries – Day 588

Strange day with bursts of heavy rain. Not nice. I went to my writing group and have been working on my Beefheart book, interspersed with bursts of the Fugs and putting down humane traps to catch mice who have invaded our hot water cylinder cupboard. I think they are a bit soft. They like it cosy. So far I’ve caught three (which I let go near the church – I thought they’d like it there). Two more of the little blighters escaped by gnawing through the plastic of the traps. Incredible. I’ve ordered a metal trap. They do seem to find bits of choccy biscuit and peanut butter irresistible. Heaven knows how many of the little devils are lurching in there or what they are eating?

Meanwhile, out in coronaland, our divided land is staggering on. The food banks multiply and the Cayman Island bank vaults get ever more full; the profiteers rub their hands and those on benefits wonder if they would rather eat or put on the heating. This is global Britain. Our clown in chief with his cronies are planning out their exit through the revolving door into the land of riches – probably writing up their diaries and biographies, sorting out careers, planning how to advise companies how to avoid paying taxes and writing their after-dinner speeches.

The donors make their donations and await their returns. The lobbyists lubricate the system with promises.

This is what comes with power. It attracts wealth like a magnet.

Sleaze and corruption are the machinations of office – all perfectly legal and above board; all perfectly immoral.

The tax loopholes remain unplugged and those earning millions can slip it away offshore and pay less taxes than your standard nurse. Tax is optional for the wealthy, mandatory for the poor.

Oh for a political system where donations, lobbying and lucrative post-office deals were illegal (in-office profiteering too – how many of them have made money out of covid and Brexit?).

Our opposition leader can’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag and wages war against his own party. Haven’t Corbyn and Loach been reinstated yet?

As the tax rises bite, the NI rises bite, the price rises bite and the benefit cuts bite, a lot of people are going to have a very miserable winter.

But that’s Global Britain – the Brexit Bonus!!

Plenty of Blah Blah Blah at Cop-26 – plenty of fine words and promises. We’ll see if any of that transmits into action. The world’s in a mess. Imbeciles like Bolsonaro are accelerating the destruction of the rainforest and wants to open it all up. What hope have we got??

Countries put their own interests first and forget about the future.

So, we have a politically orchestrated pandemic. Science is being followed we are assured as Sir Jeremy Farrar resigns from SAGE in frustration. He, like many others, think that we have a very hard winter ahead, that simple measures like mask-wearing, ventilation and distancing could make a big difference. Politics talks. The public is happy with a thousand deaths a week. Countries in Europe might be reintroducing these measures but we in Britain are free – we have a convivial fraternal spirit and don’t mind dying for the economy. How can the wealthy make more profit if there are any limitations?

We had another 33,546 cases yesterday with 292 deaths. That death rate is worrying. 4.5 million eligible for jabs remain unjabbed. That’s a lot of hosts for our virus. Even vaccines do not provide 100% protection and the virus can still be spread.

Facebook is castigated for allowing the spread of scare stories, fake news and conspiracy theories regarding Covid. People have lost trust in government and experts – encouraged by the likes of Trump. They prefer to believe conspiracy theories rather than believe the statistical evidence of the effectiveness of vaccination. Crazy.

We live in a world where lies, propaganda and conspiracy hold sway. 37% of the US Republicans still believe the election was stolen and that they will need to have a violent intervention to save America. The right-wing populists are influencing everything. Our own extreme right-wing government is not even seen as extreme by the population. It’s as iff people can’t see what is going on. The wealthy are taking a larger and larger slice at the expense of the environment and the general populace. They don’t care.

What a horrid world we live in.

Stay safe!! Try to make it better!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 588

  1. I remember when you fed live mice to a boa constrictor. Now you release them to invade your local church. If you have caught 3 then you must have more elsewhere. Kill them with a spring trap and feed them to the birds.

    1. Caught 4 now. I don’t like to kill things unless I have to. I let most of them go up my hill away from any habitation. The one I let in the church grounds was far away from the church. I wasn’t going up the hill that day and it was cruel to keep it in the trap.

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