The Corona Diaries – Day 587

Beautiful sunny day in Yorkshire but I’ve been stuck indoors doing building work in my room, writing my Beefheart book and capturing and releasing mice. Then I had to run my son to York and the day’s gone!!

Have you ever had the feeling that your life is measured in seconds and a lot of those seconds just dribble away. I like to fill as many as I can with something interesting. Haven’t got enough to fritter away on crap.

I did find time to play some Neil Young though. Rust Never Sleeps is a brilliant album. That’s never a waste of time.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our shambling apology for a leader shows his utter dedication to saving the planet by going to sleep and looking a complete nonce. The only plonker without a mask. What a twerp! What an example! What a hypocritical fool!

He’s probably dreaming of how he can make more money and screw even more out of the poor!!

So, yesterday the virus struck down another 40,077 people and killed another 40 – though Sky report that 293 were killed. You take your choice.

The official figures show that 140,672 people have died so far – though if you look at all the death certificates which cite covid that rises to 163,515.

I reckon the second is more accurate in both cases.

There are currently 9538 people in hospital with covid and a staggering 248,000 kids out of school! Just think what a nightmare that is for teachers trying to deliver lessons. The kids come back and don’t have a clue. Miss a lesson or two and you’re stuck. Of course, the bright ones and those with support will catch up – the others go to the wall. There are going to be a lot of unemployable, badly motivated, drop outs.

Arch plonker, supertoff, profiteering Jacob Rees-Mogg (Jacob ReesMogg says a “convivial fraternal spirit” means the Conservatives do not need to wear masks in the Commons.) may have to eat his words as the Commons is thrown into turmoil with rising cases. It seems that conviviality doesn’t work as well as masks and social distancing. What a fool that man is. We are being led by complete nincompoops. What an example to the country. The Tories are a complete disgrace – a bunch of arrogant fools. How I’d laugh if they all went down with covid. They’re asking for it. Maybe a ventilator would suit him?

The Tories will probably be up in arms – the new Commons regulations have put a ban on banquets and visits! They won’t be able to sponge!!

As we pass 50 million first jabs – and no antivaxxers, the hospitals are not clogged up with people dying from side effects, the number of people saved from deaths is in the tens of thousands. How stupid can a person get??

Mind you, Bill Gates keeps talking in my ear and I set off car alarms when I walk past. Probably the negative effects take a few decades to come to fruition. What a joke. Here’s a knife to cut the rope you’re hanging by – no thanks! I like hanging it’s safe! The Knife hasn’t been properly tested!

They have opened walk-in centres to get a jab. My advice – go and get yourself jabbed!!

Stay safe!!

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