The Corona Diaries – Day 585

We had a cold dreary morning with constant rain but the sun came out in the afternoon when I took my walk.

I spent the morning working on my Beefheart book. Still going well but very time-consuming. I’ve been playing some Roy Harper to raise my spirits. Fabulous album that. I don’t understand why Roy doesn’t rate it.

I took my first walk up my hill for a week now. I’ve missed it. Having the grandchildren here has broken the pattern of my day. Good to get back into the rhythm. The sun shone in my face though it was only about 10 degrees and I was in my winter coat. The view at the top was stunning. The rain had swept the air clean. The fields looked wonderful in the low autumn light. Revitalised the spirits. Gold finches and siskins flitted in the bushes.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the farce continues. Our resident clown and his disciples must be laughing all the way to the bank. They are still four points clear in the polls despite all their mismanagement, covid deaths, economic failure, Brexit madness, sleaze and corruption. They rob from the poor by raising their National Insurance and taxes to cover the huge losses from Brexit (£800 million a week and counting – £40 billion so far with trade down 5% and a loss of 2.5% of DGP), the untendered billions dolled out on contracts for their friends, and the £37 billion spaffed on Track and Trace. Yet the morons still vote for them. Talk about daft. The wealthy are stashing away their billions tax-free on the Cayman Islands and are quite happy to buy Johnson’s wallpaper, give him a luxury holiday or a crate or two of wine at £180 a bottle. Small change for the millions they are making. So benefits for the poor are cut so that millionaires can become billionaires. That’s Toryism for you.

What does it take???

Right now our clown is pretending to be green for Cop26. He thinks that a few promises will fool everyone – so it’s token promises for heat pumps and electric cars. The reality is that he’s lowering environmental standards (against all the promises to maintain the same standards as the EU or better), allowing raw sewage to be pumped into rivers to create more wealth for the privatised water boards, opening coal mines and refusing to go ahead with tidal barriers and house insulation.

Green Boris – what a farce! Enough hot air to warm a few thousand houses!!

Today there were another 40,726 cases of covid reported with 166 deaths. But the schools are going back next week and kids are the major spreaders. When they get tested I reckon those numbers will zoom.

There is a theory that the cases might be peaking. I don’t think so. The hospital cases are still rising. The deaths are rising. I think we’ve got a while to go yet.

The government is pushing boosters for all they’re worth and jabbing 12-15 year-olds in schools in order to slow the pace. It’s a race. The infections are still at record levels! At least there are a few things we lead the world on – number of cases, number of deaths and damage to the economy. Well done Tories!! You’re incompetence is clearly measurable in the stats.

So Diwali is going ahead and they are assuring us we’ll have a great Christmas (if we can find any food and presents in the shops).

The report on the origins of the virus concludes that we may never know. One thing they can be sure of though is that it wasn’t a biological weapon.

So stay safe!! The biological weapon hasn’t been released yet. ISIS is still developing it along with the Taliban and Boko Haram. Or it might be the US evangelicals eager for doomsday!!

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