Global Britain – Chris Riddell

We have a shambling clown as a Prime Minister pretending to be Churchill. The world looks on and doesn’t know whether to laugh or shake their heads in disbelief.

He represents an overprivileged bunch of fanatics who have taken over the Tory Party.

The frightening thing is that although they are completely incompetent, lying twats, they are extremely devious and cunning. They are stealthily taking over every institution, inserting their lackeys and bleeding it dry. They are insinuating their chums into the BBC and using threats to control the news. They do not want to be held to account for their actions. They are happy to operate in the background. While they are stripping the country they are quite happy for the poor to pick up the bill. So the recipients of the massive untendered contracts stash their money away tax-free in the Cayman Islands and the poor have their National Insurance and tax hiked.

This inequality and privatised crime is called Global Britain.

Boris Johnson is the puppet/muppet who spouts the nonsense the public seem to love. I despair.

Global Britain – the laughing stock of the world.

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