The Corona Diaries – day 583

Pretty exhausted right now. Delivered the grandchildren back. It’s been an exhausting week. I’m knackered – too old for this lark. I’ve been halloweening, footballing, playing games, watching kids’ films, visiting Candy Kingdom, reading stories, doing artwork, supervising squabbles. It’s been relentless!!

Right now I’m enjoying relaxing at my computer and unwinding.

I’ve been playing some Bessie Smith to mellow my mood!! Perking up already!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the political scene is raising my blood pressure to new heights!! The budget was a real con-trick. They try to make it really complex and confusing, complete with spin, smoke and mirrors with doses of lies. Here’s the synopsis: the poor and middle-class pay much more, the wealthy keep their fat bonuses and tax havens. The poor pay for covid and Brexit and the wealthy make a fortune. The country borrows massive amounts and build up debt and austerity (for the poor) for the future.

Let’s look at the environment with Cop26 coming up. They are selling themselves as Green while opening coal mines, polluting rivers with raw sewage and failing to support insulating houses or bringing in heat pumps. Neither are they subsidising electric cars. Building in the Green belt. Green??? More brown!!

Levelling up – Tory Definition – the poor starving and the wealthy (Tory supporters) stashing the country’s wealth in the Cayman Islands away from any taxation. Cancel the northern end of HS2 (the cheap and easy bit) while keeping the southern section!

Brexit – promised to make Britain wealthy with easy brilliant new trade deals. Reality – they’ve wrecked fishing, farming and raised taxes, prices and National Insurance. Instead of bringing us a Brexit Dividend, it’s cost us an arm and leg, destroyed commerce, impoverished the country, made us a laughing stock and made a bunch of Tories very rich. We’ve problems of skill shortages throughout the country and we’re all going to pay extra for the privilege!! Where are all these lucrative deals??? There are none!! All the ones we’ve made so far have been crap!!!

Where is the opposition when you need them? They’ve so much ammunition it’s untrue. We’ve never had such an incompetent, sleazy, lying government in the history of the UK!!

So, there were 39,006 new cases yesterday with 165 deaths according to the Government site – however, the Evening Standard says there were 43,467 new cases with 186 more deaths. That’s a hard one. Do you believe the government or the media? They both lie!!

Hospital admissions are up to 8,914 (highest since February) and deaths up 16%

Sadiq Khan calls for Plan B and Mask wearing. What’s a few thousand deaths to a Tory?? They are still pretending it’s over.

Is it over? The disease is going to be endemic. Do we just tolerate a couple of thousand deaths a week??

Wales is bringing in restrictions to keep numbers low so that we can have a Christmas. Tories don’t want a Christmas. There’s no HGV drivers to deliver it.

So stay safe!! Remember the fools are in charge. You’re on your own!!

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