The Corona Diaries – Day 582

Still warm but cloudy in Yorkshire. We have our grandchildren with us so it’s been a strange day. I had my writing group in the morning and then walked into Driffield with the kids for an ice cream. Tasty Italian Gelato from Roberto’s!!

I’m knackered. I’m a bit fed up with the wonder of tractors, trains and level crossings. I never realised how fascinating they could be! Not!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland Rishi Sunak is deploying smoke and mirrors to make it appear as if they are giving out loads of money when in actual fact they are taking in far more than they are giving. They dress it up. Spin is a wonderful thing. We are levelling up! – Despite the fact that over the last 12 years they’ve been shovelling cash into the pockets of the tax-avoiding rich. The inequality gap has never been bigger! That’s the value of propaganda. When you own all the newspapers and hold the purse-strings of the BBC you can get away with murder – and they have.

So today we have another 43,922 new cases with 207 more deaths. No need to panic Mr Mannering! Plenty good money to be made. What’s a few hundred thousand deaths between friends?

We spaffed £37 bill on a useless Track and Trace that was a great success in putting huge sums of money into the pockets of our chums.

We were told that our handling of the pandemic was the worst health failure in recorded history – but that’s water off a drowned rat’s back. Nobody cares and they’ll still vote for us anyway!!

So the government’s herd immunity policy is shown to be rubbish. It seems that vaccinated people can still transmit the disease. So all they are doing is saying that it’s worth sacrificing a thousand or two a week so that their mates can make money. A difficult winter ahead is Tory double-speak meaning that tens more thousands will die. No need for plan B. No Plan C. I don’t think they even know the meaning of planning. They haven’t got a clue.

All travel restrictions are gone. All other restrictions are gone!! Go ahead and kill yourself!!

Stay safe!!

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 582

  1. Well Opher, the figure I’m seeing on Worldometers for yesterday’s new cases is 39,842 not 43,922 (the day before yesterday’s figure is 43,662, so maybe you were looking at the previous day, and they have disqualified 260 false positives since then). The 7-day moving average of new cases has been falling for almost a week now. Most likely, that was caused by school half-term; even though closing schools, according to my researches, has been one of the least effective lockdown measures against the virus. This is now the third time that UK cases have started falling without a significant increase in lockdown level. It will be interesting to see what happens next week.

    1. It’s very hard to keep up with accurate figures on Covid. Depends which source you access. There seems to be a great deal of difficulty in predicting what is going to happen. We’ll see.

      1. Yeah, right. Ferguson said in early August that the worst would be over by the end of September. Another modelling team (also from Imperial College) said recently that new cases will be down to 5,000 a day by Christmas. So much for “experts” and their so called “projections.”

        Real scientists make testable predictions based on their hypothesis – and if the predicted result doesn’t eventuate, they must modify their hypothesis. Ferguson and co have never done that, or anything like it. They are charlatans.

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