The Corona Diaries – Day 581

It was quite mild but cloudy in Yorkshire today. A good day to take the grandchildren out. Fortunately there was the Halloween trail and a play park or we might have been in real trouble.

Not much time for playing music but I did manage a bit of soothing Buddy.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland we’re seeing the same old lies and obfuscation. We must all save the planet and go green – but we still need to open new coal pits and dump sewage in the rivers!

We need to level up and give the public sector pay rises – except they’ll be below inflation – so really are cuts. We won’t do HS2 up North but we’ll give them a bit of a sop with some money to sort their transport.

Everything’s great!! Even when it isn’t!!

Brexit is great! Forget about the massive costs, job losses, trade deficit and price rises.

£350 million a week!! As promised – just not from the EU – from taxing all the poor through National Insurance! Not quite what was promised!

Covid is going great!! Except that we have the highest rate in the world and the worst death rate in Europe as well as the hardest hit economy.

The Economy is Great! Fastest growth in the world – except that it started from the lowest base and still hasn’t caught up!!

Still they have an 80 seat majority and a lead in the polls. They can get away with any lie. The6y threaten the BBC and control the newspapers so that the propaganda machine is in full flow. It’s all spin. There may be no HGV drivers, fruit and veg pickers, nurses, carers or butchers – but we are looking at a high wage economy!!

Happy Brexit Christmas!!!

so, yesterday there were 43,941 new cases with 263 deaths!!

Starmer went down with Covid but nobody noticed his absence.

The PM was as busy as usual. Nobody noticed his absence.

The leadership and guidance were at their usual standard. Nobody noticed their absence.

The Chair of the Budget Responsibility Board says that the effects of Brexit worse than that of Covid. Covid will cause a 2% drop in GDP; Brexit a 4% drop. So much for we’ll all be better off.

Price rises highest in 30 years!!

Bolsonaro is going to be charged with criminal manslaughter for his Covid handling,. Trump and Johnson need the same!!

Stay Safe!!!! We’re living in a madhouse!!

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