The Corona Diaries – Day 579

It was a sunny day in Yorkshire; a little on the chilly side though. We have a grandchild staying with us so it’s been a day of reading stories, listening to reading, flashcards, playing games and going for a walk through the Halloween park to the play park. Not quite what I understood cool to be – but fun. I did find time to play some coasters though.

Tomorrow things get tougher still. We exchange one grandchild for two more!! I’m already knackered!! Not sure I’m going to survive the week!!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, nobody is sure they will survive the week! If covid doesn’t get you then starvation and freezing to death just might. This is Tory Britain where the losers deserve all they get. It’s their own fault being poor, working three jobs for subsistence pay; they should have been born rich!

Yesterday there was another 38,740 new cases with 72 deaths. That’s an improvement. Are we heading for endemic equilibrium? Is there enough immunity in the population to prevent the spread? It seems very unlikely to me that we can ever achieve herd immunity. There are too many people unvaccinated (millions of antivaxxers, those shielding and kids). The virus always have a home and someone to pass it on to. It can reinfect those vaccinated and be passed on – even if it doesn’t make them very ill or kill them. While there are hosts there will be virus.

Javis promises a ‘normal’ Christmas. That’s a gamble. Scientists are split. Many are saying there will be an increase, some same we’ll reach equilibrium nd the numbers will come down until the vaccine begins to wane after Christmas. We could be in for another wave after Christmas! Javis is guessing!

The Delta + variant is around 10% more infectious. This is getting worse with every new variant and with the large number of people with the virus (the highest in the world) we are a breeding ground for variants. Let’s hope we don’t get a nasty vaccine-busting variant oe we’ll be back to square 1.

One good thing Javid is proposing is for an exclusion zone around schools for antivaxxers. They shouldn’t be trying to brainwash young kids with their warped rubbish. If they don’t want it that’s up to them but trying to get at kids should be an offence.

As for me – I’m not stupid. I’m wearing a mask in shops, avoiding indoor places, social distancing and ventilating. I really don’t want covid. I’ve booked my booster jab!! All’s well,

Stay safe!!

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