The Corona Diaries – Day 574

A dreary, dismal day in Yorkshire. I took my morning walk. It rained on me. The trees and bushes were still mainly green but there were splashed or yellow and orange. On the path I walked on a carpet of yellow ash leaves. The pigeons and crows watched me warily – checking for guns. A small flock of long-tailed tits bobbed along the hedge past me. I headed for hom.

Back indoors I’ve spent the day playing and writing about Captain Beefheart and listening to some Woody Guthrie

Out in Coronaland our resident clown is pretending to be a green god. He has oven-ready world-beating solutions to the global warming problem. He’s bringing cheap heat-pumps, electric cars and turning the world green – or is that just for this week and the climate conference!!

Doomed!! We’re all doomed!! We’ve been down this road before with oven-ready great-deal Brexits that are wrecking the economy, pushing up prices and driving firms out of business. We’ve heard it before with world-beating apps, Track and Trace and wondrous Moonshots – all of which have left us with the worst statistics of covid cases in the world and more deaths than anyone else in Europe. The man’s a walking disaster. Every single promise and sound-bite that comes out of his mouth ends up the opposite of what he says.

We’re doomed!!

If Johnson says it’s going to be alright we haven’t got a chance! He’s a liar, a prevaricator, a purveyor of false hope. He promises the earth but only delivers to his own bank account (and that of his chums).

Rees-Mogg will probably find a way of stashing a few more millions in his bank account out of global warming. He’s already done brilliantly out of Brexit and Covid. Probably buying up shares in heat pump firms and electric car factories.

Johnson will probably award contracts to his landlord, the donors of his wallpaper, wine and holiday houses, his many mistresses and all his in-laws. No experience required. Just keep the donations flooding in.

We’re doomed!!

So today we had another 49,139 new cases – that’s up 17.2% from last week. Morocco have banned flights from the UK because of soaring cases. There is a new delta+ variant (a mutation in the Johnson strain that he stupidly allowed in from India in order to try to get a trade deal that didn’t happen – clown) which is more infective that the highly infective delta variant.

We have another 179 new deaths – they are going up! You antivaxxers better start gobbling invermectin and hope it’s as good as the internet says it is.

Our hospital cases are chugging up too. NHS chiefs are warning of catastrophe as they become overwhelmed and are demanding a return to some rules to slow the spread, but the scientists have been told to only meet once a month (instead of once a week) because the politicians can’t be asked.

The NHS chiefs are saying that the booster roll-out has slowed because of complacency – that the government needs to get its finger out its arse and recruit retired pharmacologists and nurses to get the job done quick. We are now lagging behind the world and the immunity is fading fast.

The government don’t care. They are presently in their complacency phase. Jarvid is going to reassure us that there is no need to implement Plan B. Johnson has told us that the relaxing of rules is irreversible. He will look like a nincompoop if he goes back on that. Everybody says that he already looks like a nincompoop, acts like a nincompoop and is a nincompoop – if nincompoops can also be cynical, egotistical and self-serving. The complacency phase, if the pattern is true to form, will soon be followed by the panic phase. This is where lucrative untendered contracts will be dished out willy-nilly to any Tory donors that want one.

Plan B – is there a Plan B?? Or is that more Tory bollocks. I don’t think they’ve ever had a Plan A.

Right now we have 900 schoolkids off school in Hull alone. Professor Jonathan Van-Tam warns of all the fake news being spread on the internet and we are being led by the invisible man – rightly kept out of the public eye because, without a script, he talks bollocks – half of it in schoolboy Latin. We’re actually better off without. Though we desperately need somebody sane to start leading!! Where are they??

Stay safe!!! The Big Top will keep the rain out. The show goes on!! The clown act is taking a long time to play out!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 574

  1. Well Opher, I never thought I’d hear you, of all people, lambasting heat pumps, electric cars and turning the world green. There’s hope for you yet.

    Which raises the cynical thought, if there is something you don’t want to happen, just get Johnson to champion it!

    1. No Neil, I’m not lambasting them – I’m saying that if Johnson promises it the opposite will happen. His promises are the kiss of death.

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